13 Ways to Get Creative With Cardboard

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Last week, Little Button Diaries and I asked the crafty people of Instagram to #getcreativewith cardboard. The number of fun and colourful ideas generated was just insane.
Here are 13 ways to get creative with cardboard.

Make a bird feeder from @cara.raisingkinley
Create a textured shape collage from @tala_and_mommy
Build a cardboard castle from @creatingcreatives
Mardi Gras Masks from @afriendlyaffair
Cardboard Donuts from @redvioletstudio
Mardi Gras Masks @artcampla
Cardboard Houses from @blueskyandus
Cardboard Park from @amyjoquilts
Cardboard Tube Wall Hanging from @readcreatelove

And here are 4 ideas from the Oh Creative Day household.
13 Ways to get Creative With CardboardWe created a car garage out of a cardboard lid for Mr 22 Months.

13 Ways to Get Creative With CardboardWe converted an old nappy box into a toy stove. Miss 3 enjoyed “cooking salad.”

13 Ways to Get Creative With CardboardMiss 3 is currently obsessed with using a circle tracing template. So we traced different-sized circles onto cardboard and created some Kandinsky-inspired art. Great for discussions about ordering and size. Possibly to be re-used as gift tags?

13 Ways to Get Creative With CardboardMr Day’s birthday fell in the same week as Get Creative With Cardboard week.
So we made him a 3D card out of a shoe box lid.

This week, we’ve been getting creative with paint chips (or paint charts, depending on where in the world you live.) I’ll never look at paint chips in the same way again- there are so many amazing ideas under the hashtag. Pop by to check them all out!