20151// Welcomed a joyful baby boy into the world. In the shower at home. Whilst the midwife was stuck in traffic.
Luckily, Mr Day is pretty skilled at catching slippery babies.
2// 4 days before having Shower Baby, I was on set with Mr Day shooting our short film. We have our fingers crossed that 2016 will see it premiering at a film festival somewhere in the world.
Shibori3// Dabbled in shibori.
4// Survived the intense rollercoaster of emotions that is parenting a toddler.
IMG_39355// Went for a walk down memory lane and shared my love of Punky Brewster.
6// Read many amazing picture books.
October Picture Books7// Daydreamed about sleep. A lot.
8// Enjoyed many coffees made by Mr Day. See point 7. (He’s such a keeper.)
pom poms9// Turned a friend’s wedding into a pom-pom-vaganza.
10// Had one of my stories featured over at Kids’ Book Review.
11// Watched some beautiful friends deal with tough times and marveled at their tenacity and positivity.
Paper towel12// Used an epic amount of paper towel in our many creative projects.
13// Became frustrated about trying to fit ALL OF THE THINGS in around nap times. Must work on dealing with my frustration in 2016!
14// Joined Pharrell’s squad.
www.ohcreativeday.com15// Connected with many awesome people via blogging and Instagramming. (See that pic above? Pharrell liked it on Insty. So we’re basically best buddies now.)

Point #15 is for YOU! Thanks for being a part of my 2015.
What were your 2015 highlights?