Oh Creative Day www.ohcreativeday.comHi. My name is Shannon, and I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m a bit in love with Instagram.
I love that I’ve found a tribe of like-minded people who adore the same stuffs that I do.
Like picture books.

If you’re after awesome suggestions and reviews, these are the people joyously celebrating all that is great about children’s books.

Just click on the links beneath the photos to be taken through to each account.

Book-Loving People Instagramalittlebookhabit               bonjour_mes_amies

hidden_egg       usbornestagram

Book-Loving People Instagramhereweeread               barneboksamlerne

appyreading          ellesbookshelf

Book-Loving People Instagrampicturethisbook      maguibd

bottomsupblog     sobreissoeaquilo

Book-Loving People Instagramthelittlebookcollector    achildrenswriter

books_kids_love     happily.ever.elephants

Book-Loving People Instagram

elissaricks    thepaperbackmum

averyandaugustine      spiky_penelope

Book-Loving People Instagram

Oh Creative Day www.ohcreativeday.com

And there’s some chick called ohcreativeday who is pretty good value too.

Anybody else I need to add to the list?