www.ohcreativeday.comOnce upon a time, a girl- let’s call her Shannon- decided to make all of her wedding decorations.
This involved buying approximately 70 bajillion embroidery hoops.
You can see how these hoops were used on the Big Day here.

5 years later, this girl opens boxes and cupboards and still finds leftover embroidery hoops.
Yes, I am the proud owner of approximately 70 bajillion embroidery hoops.
Which would be useful if I didn’t have 0 embroidery-related skills.

So I’m often devising random things to do with my abundance of hoops.
Here are 3 easy DIY projects for all you proud embroidery-hoop-owners out there.

www ohcreativeday.com

This DIY was inspired by The Litle Ladybird’s obsession with the ribbon rings at play group.
Apparently I hoard ribbons as well as embroidery hoops.
I tied lots of ribbons to the hoop and she dances the day away.
She also likes wearing it as a necklace. Each to their own.
Ever the teacher, I like using it for a bit of vocabulary extension.
I.E “Show me a rough ribbon.”
“Find me a long ribbon.”
“Where is a short, green ribbon.”


My bestie and sister are clearly aware of my penchant for embroidery hoops.
They set up this activity at my Baby Shower.
Strips of fabric which people tied around the hoop. Very meditative and mindless enough to allow people to continue to gossip and consume cupcakes.
I have 2 of these glorious hoops and they hang in The Little Ladybird’s room.
Each time I enter her room and see them, I feel the warm and fuzzies.
Craft handmade by your loved ones is just the best.

www.ohcreativeday.comI stretched some fabric and a piece of ribbon over the inner hoop before securing the outer hoop in place.
I trimmed away the excess fabric and ribbon, and voila! Add a wooden peg and you have a sweet, little picture holder.

Do you hoard any specific crafty item?
Throw your ideas at me, people- what else can I use these hoops for??!!