4 Simple Craft for ToddlersThis post came about because of a barbecue.
Mr Day bought a monstrous barbecue swaddled in the most amazing amount of packaging.
“What can you craft out of this?” he asked jokingly as we drowned in the packaging.
And it has become a bit of a running joke and basically the story of my life.
Looking at random items and thinking “What can I craft out of this?”
(Is it obvious that craft takes precedence over things like housework and exercise in my life?)
So here are 4 super simple crafts for toddlers made out of random things.

Nesting Circles
Simple Crafts for Toddlers Oh Creative DayThe first project made out of the barbecue box. Any old box should do.
Trace a set of nested ovals onto the thick cardboard. Using a Stanley knife, cut out the ovals and paint them.
You can use these to discuss size or colour.
Or turn them into frisbees and hula hoops as my toddler did.

Threading Cards
Simple Crafts Toddlers Oh Creative DayThe second project made out of the barbecue box.
I made this as a part of my Creative Play With Food series.
Cut different shapes out of thick card. Paint them as your heart please.
Use a hole punch around the edges and thread shoe laces through.
A cheap fine-motor activity.

Domino Sticks
Simple Crafts Toddlers Oh Creative DayMy craft cupboard is a most wondrous place.
I found these balsa sticks hidden away and decided to make a version of Dominoes.
I used washi tape as a marker and then painted to that point. (I used acrylics.)
Super simple, super quick. Loads of fun.
You could also create pattern sticks.
Recently we have written the names of family members in the blank space, and the Little Ladybird has fun finding which stick belongs to which family member.

Colour Sort
Simple Crafts Toddlers Oh Creative DayThe barista thought I was a little strange when I asked for a tray for my single coffee.
As a crafty mama lady, I have no shame when I have a craft project in mind.
I was going to explain to him what I was going to do with the coffee tray but I figured I should just let him concentrate on making my coffee (it was a really, really good coffee!)
I actually managed to get 2 trays. As I painted my tray, the toddler painted her tray alongside me.
I (obviously) painted the different compartments of the tray (acrylics again) and created a colour-sorting game. Add a set of tongs to pick up the buttons and pom poms and it’s a fine-motor activity too.
I’d recommend sitting some clear plastic cups in each compartment. Otherwise you too will be finding pom poms and buttons scattered all over the floor.

Tell me I’m not alone here.
What’s the most random thing you’ve ever crafted with?
And please share-
What keeps your toddler entertained?