4 Weaving Projects for KidsOne of the highlights of my teaching year has been a little lunchtime weaving group that I’ve held in my classroom once a week.
Sometimes we have weaving group twice a week because the kids are A-Grade negotiators. Some impressive negotiations given that I only work 2 days a week.

It is with much pride and pleasure that I share with you the 4 projects that my weavers have undertaken this year.

Given that I work part-time, I don’t get the chance to cover Creative Arts during my days on class. This was my way to inject some creativity into our days but it was also a way for me to connect with my students.

The kids would wait for me to grab my lunch from the staff room then race ahead of me up to our classroom. I’d be 10 steps behind, calling “Wait, guys! Wait for me!”

The only rule in the classroom was that you had to place your chair in a circle and weave and chat together.

The most glorious thing that emerged out of our lunch sessions was that all attempts were celebrated and there was no “right” or “wrong” way of weaving.

Weaving Wheels

4 Weaving Projects for Kids

This was the first project we tackled.
My inspiration (and directions) came from the wonderful Agnes at hello, Wonderful.
Find the tutorial here.

We then moved onto the oldie-but-goldie God’s Eyes.

God’s Eyes

Weaving Projects for KidsThese were super popular. Super simple with a brilliant result.
Even now, weeks after doing these, so many of the kids will opt to make one of these once they’ve finished another weaving project.
We followed this Youtube video.

The kids had so much fun experimenting with this.
At one point, we ran out of paddle pop sticks, so they improvised with straws and made umbrellas!

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Hoop Weaves

Weaving projects for kids

For somebody who doesn’t embroider, I have a huge collection of embroidery hoops.
So we put them to good use to create hoop looms.
This was probably my favourite project.
So many diverse, individual designs.
I was inspired by this pic.

Our last project involved making a cardboard necklace.

Woven Necklaces

Weaving Projects for KidsWell I thought this would be our last project.
However, there are still 4 weeks left of the school term. So I’d best find another project to get us to the end of the year.

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4 simple weaving projects for kids