I have professed my love for Instagram on numerous occasions.
And I’m going to do it again.
Without sounding all gushy, I really love Insty for it’s ability to connect people.
The whole attracting your tribe thing.
Rewind 2 years ago and I never would have imagined that there existed a whole group of people, scattered to all corners of the Earth, who also loved my weird mish-mash of interests to the same degree: picture books, craft, bright colours, sarcasm…. Or that this whole group of people were just. so. nice.

Hazel is one such person. (You can find her on Insty as @hidden_egg.)
Through her feed, we get insights into her creative process, impressive paper collection and her sketchbook.
And sometimes her letterbox.
This month, we’ve teamed up to create #4ThingsILove.
We’re encouraging people to post pictures sharing 4 things they love.
Because the world needs more celebration of love, right?
We’re all for people interpreting this as creatively as they like.
Here’s what it looks like from Hazel’s perspective.
#4ThingsILove www.ohcreativeday.comTop left: 4 Things I Love that are yellow Top right: 4 Things I Love to draw with
Bottom left: 4 Things I Love just because Bottom right: 4 Things I Love that make Rose and Black Pepper Hot Chocolate (strange but delicious!)

Because Hazel is a rad superstar, she has created a #4Things grid of frames available to download for free from her website.
I downloaded it and created this grid of 4 Things I Love: The Toddler Edition.
#4ThingsILove www.ohcreativeday.comMy toddler instructed me (some may call it “bossed me around”) on which pictures to cut out that showed her favourite things.
Bows, licky dogs, ballet shoes and the beach. These are a few of her favourite things.

It gives me the warm and fuzzies seeing what people have created for this celebration.

#4ThingsILove www.ohcreativeday.comTop left: tinkertots.my Top right: handywithscissors
Bottom left: plasticaplanet  Bottom right: mielaerkerasmussen

#4ThingsILove www.ohcreativeday.comTop left: caityelizabethjoy Top right: usbornestagram
Bottom left: maguibd Bottom right: spoonfulofcolor

#4ThingsILove www.ohcreativeday.comfionacumberpatch

With 2 more weeks left of February (and Valentine’s approaching) we’d love to amp up this love-fest and see your #4ThingsILove celebrations!