repurpose kids art

Painting is a favourite activity here for my littles.
As a result, there is one word to describe the rate at which the painted masterpieces pile up.
Every few weeks, the pile starts taking over our art studio (read: laundry) and something MUST BE DONE.
One of my random Mum skills happens to be finding new ways to repurpose kids’ art.

I’ve shared 7 ways to repurpose your kids’ masterpieces before.
Here are 5 more ways to prevent the lovingly created projects meeting an untimely demise in the recycling bin.

1. Notebooks

repurpose kids artI bought some little notebooks and covered them in Mr 2’s artwork.
I embellished with some washi tape and then applied a layer of Mod Podge to act as a sealant.
We then gave them as gifts on Mother’s Day.
Heck, you don’t even need to buy the notebook to cover. You could go the full DIY and make your own notebook completely from scratch.

2. Ready-to-Go Collage Box

repurpose kids artI don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE wielding a glue stick.
So collage is a most popular activity round here.
I cut up old artworks and then store the pieces in a fishing tackle box.
No-one here is actually into fishing, and it looks much prettier as a collage box methinks.

3. Garlands

repurpose kids artCut artwork into strips and then create links.
Nothing says “CELEBRATE!” quite like a garland.

4. Handmade Cards

repurpose kids' artOur 3rd babe has been welcomed into the world with so many lovely gifts from friends and family.
We’ve turned many pieces of art, like the ones above, into Thank-You cards, embellished with colourful bits from our collage box.

5. Create new pieces of art from the old pieces

Repurpose kids artEven though it’s pretty annoying to have the art-valanche occur every time you open the art cupboard, it’s handy to have painted paper ready for new projects.

What’s your favourite way of repurposing all of the artwork?

Repurpose kids art