9 Ways to Encourage Creativity Before DinnerThere are so many possible titles for this post.
18 Invitations to Build and Create!
Free Printable to Help You Set Up Invitations to Build and Create
Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained so That You Can Focus on Not Burning Dinner (catchy, no?!)
Entertain the Kids Until Dinner with Invitations to Create.
Actually that last title is the one being used for this post over at Mumtastic.
Head on over to read my tips on how to set up Invitations to Build and Create that will keep your kids entertained and engaged for hours.

Invitation to Create

As the name suggests, an Invitation to Create or Build involves laying out materials in an inviting way, encouraging children to create or build something. You can download and print a set of cards in my Mumtastic post that will prompt your children on possible ideas for creating and building.

Invitation to Create

If you have slightly younger kids, you might choose to set up an Invitation to Play instead.

Now what’s for dinner?

What tips do you have for keeping the kids entertained so that you can get dinner on and (hopefully) not burn it?