Australian Picture BooksOver on Instagram, I’m running #26daysofaussiepicturebooks.
It’s a celebration of the amazing picture books being published in Australia.
Each day between January 1st and 26th, I’m showcasing a book by an Australian author and illustrator.
Here are the books that have been featured so far in our first week of celebrations.

Day 1
Australian Picture BooksGreetings from Australia by The Jacky Winter Group
Whilst this strictly isn’t a picture book, it seemed the perfect package to kick start celebrations.
It contains 36 pages of stickers celebrating the weird, wonderful and wacky wildlife of Australia.
Each page is designed by a different illustrator from the creative powerhouse that is The Jacky Winter Group.
The book contains 15 photographic images featuring different Australian locations.
Kids can then use the stickers to create their own personalised postcards.
The perfect addition to a long car trip, plane trip or lazy afternoon at home.
Thanks to Thames and Hudson, I was able to play around with my own copy of this book.
So much fun!
Australian Picture Books

Day 2
Australian Picture BooksThe Eagle Inside by Jack Manning Bancroft and Bronwyn Bancroft
Every spread in this book is a visual delight.
Jimmy the Honeyeater is off to his first day at flying school.
He is smaller than the other birds, he sips nectar instead of eating worms, he is different.
Cockatoo chooses him as an easy target. Jimmy is alone and plagued with self-doubt about being able to match it with the bigger birds.
Eagle helps Jimmy to realise that being small and different isn’t necessarily a weakness.
Eagle gives Jimmy his place on the starting line of the training course and the little Honeyeater realises that being different is a strength. Sometimes we all need to remember that we are Honeyeaters armed with the hearts of Eagles.

This story also highlights the importance of having a mentor.
Jack Manning Bancroft started
AIME as a 19-year-old. It’s programs support Indigenous students through high school and into uni and employment. Purchasing a copy of this book brings the day closer where Indigenous kids finish school at the same rate as all other Aussie kids.

Day 3
Australian Picture BooksHello From Nowhere by Raewyn Caisley and Karen Blair
This is the story of Eve.
Her family runs a roadhouse in the middle of the Nullabor.
She delights in the everyday magic of her Outback life.
The only thing she is sad about is that her Nan won’t visit from the City. Nan doesn’t want to visit the Middle of Nowhere.
Until one day, the bus pulls up and Nan disembarks. Eve shares with Nan what makes the Middle of Nowhere special.

An unexpected heart-warmer celebrating the bond between grandparent and grandchild, this book made me yearn for the Outback.
The illustrations evoke the breath-taking magic of the Outback.

Day 4
Australian Picture BooksABC Dreaming by Warren Brim
This is a unique and vibrant alphabet book that introduces kids to Indigenous art and the flora and fauna of Far North Queensland’s rainforests.
It features Warren’s bright, hand-coloured linoprints and acrylic paintings and was developed in collaboration with Early Childhood specialists.
It’s always refreshing to see new “things” assigned to the letters of the alphabet (B is for Barramundi, C is for Cassowary, Z is for Zamia Palm.)
The author grew up in Kuranda near Cairns- one of my fave parts of Oz. I love how it reminds me of travels through this special place.
Warren is from the Djabugay people and his artwork is based on the Dreaming stories passed on to him by his family.

This book was given to me by Magabala Books who are Australia’s oldest Independent Indigenous publishing house.
They are located in the remote pearling town of Broome in north-west Australia.
This makes them one of the world’s most remote publishing houses!
They are a not-for-profit who aim to preserve, develop and promote Indigenous culture. Their books are something special.

Day 5
Australian Picture BooksScarlett, Starlet by Emma Quay
This is a tale for every wannabe performer and their adoring parents.
Scarlett’s life is filled with music.
She loves to dance for her adoring mum and dad.
The paws of her little pup keep rhythm. But every star needs a stage.
Will Scarlett shine when she steps onto the stage without Little Jazzy Jo Jo?
Will the rest of the audience think that Scarlett is a star?

The rhythm of the text makes you want to tap your toes and the illustrations are just pure happy.
I love how it conveys that, no matter what, your parents will always watch on proudly with twinkling eyes.

Check back in next Wednesday for the books featured in the 2nd week of celebrations.
Tune in on Friday for a craft activity inspired by some of this week’s books.
(It involves Aussie Animals. It’s a bit cute.)

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