Australian Picture BooksAnd just like that, we’re done.
26 days.
26 amazing Australian picture books.
I really hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating #26daysofaussiepicturebooks as much as I have.
Here are the 7 fabulous books that made up our final week.

Day 20IMG_3222 My Dad Still Thinks He’s Funny by Katrina Germein and Tom Jellett
You know those books that you hope your child will request at bedtime?
This is one of them.
“My Dad Still Thinks He’s Funny” is the sequel to “My Dad Thinks He’s Funny.”
It is filled with even more hilarious Dad Jokes.
Mr Day has borrowed a fair few jokes from these books and added them to his repertoire.
This book will have you chuckling as you read it.

Day 21
Australian Picture BooksJonathan! By Peter Carnavas and Amanda Francey
Peter Carnavas is one of my favourite Aussie author/illustrators.
This book is his first as an author only.
Jonathan desperately tries to scare the various members of his family using a variety of scary costumes.
His attempts are met each time with the refrain “Not scary, Jonathan.”
He finally manages to scare the family- but who is that in the dinosaur suit?
A story told in rhyme with an unexpected twist at the end.
The build-up of suspense engages young readers and the repetition of “Not scary, Jonathan,” makes for fun reader involvement.

A most delightful read.

Day 22
Australian Picture BooksSad, the Dog by Sandy Fussell and Tull Suwannakit
The Cripps receive an (unwanted) dog for Christmas.
Whilst they perform the perfunctory tasks associated with owning a dog, they fail to give him a name and the love that a pet needs.
So the nameless dog with loads of personality calls himself Sad.
One day, the Cripps pack up and move away, leaving Sad the dog behind.
A family with a little boy move in. Jack shows Sad what it means to be loved.
And best of all, Jack gives him a name.
This is a gorgeous and gentle book filled with big emotions.

Day 23
Australian Picture BooksTed by Leila Rudge
Ted is one of my favourite canine protagonists.
is the tale of an endearing sweater-wearing dog with a surprising feline ending.
Nobody chooses Ted at the pet store despite his best efforts.
So he runs off to join the circus where nobody pays any attention to this entertaining pup.
After many an adventure, he ends up back at the pet store where he “does his best to make a good impression” upon Dot.
This is a heart-warming story about the importance of belonging.
Leila Rudge has struck a beautiful balance between humour and all of the warm and fuzzies.

Day 24

Australian Picture BooksTop Dog by Rod Clement
Meet Samson.
He’s a high-flier in the corporate world.
In fact, he’s the top dog in a dog-eat-dog world.
The tongue-in-cheek humour in this book will delight kids and adults alike.
He is the leader of the pack, a strict but fair boss who treats his employees to a “bone-us” when they deserve it.
This book is worth reading just for all the witty puns.
“Top Dog” by Rod Clement is a laugh-out-loud ride through the corporate world.

Day 25

Australian Picture BooksA is for Australia by Frané Lessac
Each letter is assigned an Aussie destination in this exquisite alphabet book.
Multiple facts are scattered through the vibrant and engaging illustrations as we are taken on a “factastic” tour of Australia.
Facts relating to the indigenous history and significance of the locations are also included.

I kinda feel that this book should be issued to every tourist upon arriving in Australia.
It is a beautiful guide book. I have been gifting it to every little international friend that we have!

Day 26

Australian Picture BooksKooKoo Kookaburra by Gregg Dreise
“Kindness is like a boomerang- if you throw it often, it comes back often.”
Kookoo the kookaburra is the best storyteller in the bush.
He loves sitting in his gum tree and waiting for the other animals to do something silly.
He then turns that something silly into a funny story without being unkind.
One day he can’t find inspiration from any of the bush creatures’ antics.
So he decides to make fun of their differences.
As Kookoo forgets the difference between laughing WITH people and laughing AT people, he loses his audiences and his friends.
His own laughter echoes unhappily through the bush and he feels sad.
Luckily, Kookoo’s kindness returns, like a boomerang, and his funny stories and laughter again fill the bush.

This is a beautiful story about celebrating and respecting difference and being kind. Always.

In case you missed them, catch up on the books we enjoyed in Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 of #26daysofaussiepicturebooks. Tune in on Friday for a craft inspired by “A is for Australia.”

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