4 painted butterflies from a kids art project

This butterfly art for kids was inspired by two of my favourite creative ladies, Bonnie from Make It Your Own and Cara from Raising Kinley. I do love the way the Internet brings so much connection and inspiration and this creative lady mash up is testament to this.

Both of these lady legends have featured in my Oh Creative Lady interview series.
You can read Bonnie’s Oh Creative Lady interview here and Cara’s one here.

A kids art project showing 3 butterflies made from liquid watercolours

What you wlll need for this butterfly art for kids project:

Liquid watercolours (or reuse dried-out markers and make your own liquid wtercolours)
Photo paper
Waxed paper


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After seeing this post on Bonnie’s Instagram feed about watercolours forming perfect droplets on waxed paper, my mind was whirring.
Team this inspiration with Cara’s enthusiastic obsession with photo paper and this butterfly art project was born.

We even used the Make It Your Own butterfly template.

Use the template to cut butterflies out of your photo paper.

Use masking tape to secure waxed paper to the table.

A photo showing droplets of paint on waxed paper

Dip paintbrushes into liquid watercolours and experiment with dropping paint onto the waxed paper.
(You could also use pipettes.)
It’s fun to observe the reaction and resistance between the paint and waxed paper.

Once you’ve covered a suitable area in coloured watercolour dots, press the photo paper glossy side down onto the droplets.

WARNING: This is an addictive process. It’s fun to experiment with how close you can place the coloured dots and to see what happens when the colours mix.

We then glued our butterflies onto squares of coloured paper and cut them out, leaving a thin border.
You could string these up as bunting or make a garland.

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