12 Fail-safe Steps to Finding the Perfect Baby Name

12 Fail-safe Steps to Finding the Perfect Baby Name

Finding the perfect baby nameHow did you decide upon baby names?
Was it a straightforward process? Tense?
Did you looked deep into their eyes straight after birth and the name came to you, right there and then?
With less than 10 weeks until we welcome Baby #3 Earthside, we’re in the complicated depths of the Name Game.
We don’t want anything too common. Nor too wacky. As a teacher, approximately 55% of all names are ruled out because they remind me of a kid I once taught.
Here are our 12 fail-safe steps to finding the perfect baby name.
(N.B You probably don’t want to follow our steps because WE STILL DON’T HAVE A NAME.)


Time Savers for Art and Craft with Kids

Time Savers for Art and Craft with Kids


This post is brought to you in collaboration with JORD Wood Watches.

Look, I’m just going to put it out there, but I’m a pretty avid art and crafter with my kiddies. (Have you noticed?!)
Often people will marvel at this fact. Bless! (I’m just dabbling in paint and glue, people. I’m not coming up with strategies for World Peace.)
The reason I hear most often for why people don’t art and craft with their kids is TIME.
It  takes so much time to set up art and craft activities only to occupy kids for an even shorter period. Then you have to spend insane amount of time to clean up the post-activity mess.
Let me share with you some of the time-saver hacks I use when I’m getting creative with my kids.

A Day in my Life as a Teacher

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

When I left high school, I went straight into a Communications degree at university.
I took up a job in Advertising upon graduating.
It then quickly became apparent to me that I did not want to spend my life trying to convince consumers of the benefits of one brand of toilet paper over another. (And why are we using puppies to sell toilet paper?!) (more…)

9 Invitations to Create Before Dinner

9 Ways to Encourage Creativity Before DinnerThere are so many possible titles for this post.
18 Invitations to Build and Create!
Free Printable to Help You Set Up Invitations to Build and Create
Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained so That You Can Focus on Not Burning Dinner (catchy, no?!)
Entertain the Kids Until Dinner with Invitations to Create.