Collage Bunny Easter Mask

Collage Bunny Easter Mask

A child made bunny mask with feathers

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I had no intention of sharing this bunny mask craft.
None. Whatsoever.

We hosted our littlest’s first birthday party on the weekend and celebrated with a Miffy theme.
It’s our last first birthday. All them feels.
Our kiddy parties always have a craft station for the little party-goers. I like to think of the craft station as a “Buying-Time-for-Parents-to-Eat-Cheese-and-Crackers-and-Have-a-Conversation” situation.
But of course it’s mainly for the little ones to get creative and indulge their craftiness.

The craft station is always popular but I was pleasantly surprised at how popular this simple crafty invitation was.
So I thought I’d share it with you, as well as the free printable template, in time for Easter.
And so that you too, can indulge in some cheese and crackers whilst the kids are entertained.
(We all deserve cheese and cracker time.)

What You Will Need:

Bunny Easter masks template DOWNLOAD BELOW
Craft knife or sharp scissors
Wooden dowel
Duct tape and washi tape
Collage materials – coloured paper, tissue paper, crepe paper
Glue (We used a good old glue stick)
Markers, paint pens, paint sticks, chalk pastels – whatever you have on hand!

A collection of child made bunny masks with collage

Tips and Tricks

Print and cut out the Bunny Easter mask template. Trace the bunny onto pieces of cardboard. I used all the old cardboard boxes from online shopping that have been piling up.

A child made bunny mask with collage

Due to the thickness of the cardboard I used, I used a craft knife to cut the masks out. I realised towards the end of the process that my craft knife was very, very blunt. Face palm. So my edges were pretty rough. Let’s call it rustic charm, yeah?
If you go the craft knife route, please use a cutting mat! Safety first, people!
If you use thinner cardboard, sharp scissors should do the job.

I then just taped the dowel to the back of the cardboard with decorative duct tape.

A child made bunny mask with collage

We actually made more masks a few days after the party, because I was interested to see if this project was still as popular.
It was a resounding yes.
I pulled the collage box out of the craft cupboard. I store all paper scraps in a fishing tackle box.
You can find some tips and tricks for collage with kids here.

I also offered paint sticks, Posca pens and chalk pastels.
Feel free to make use of whatever you have at hand.

In all honesty, it wasn’t a very organised set up.
There were materials flying everywhere. But I kinda love those kinds of sessions.
However, sometimes it is a good idea to limit the materials on offer as young artists can get overwhelmed by choice.

For me this experience highlighted how valuable it is to create alongside your littles.
Miss 4 has an intense love affair with colouring-in at the moment. She made about 4 masks in 10 minutes flat, using the markers and chalk pastels.

She then noticed my mask and proclaimed “That’s a masterpiece! I want to make one like that!”
So I sat with her and explained the process I undertook.
If I had attempted to guide her process like this from the start, she would not have had a bar of it. She is definitely a child who likes to go her own way.

Happy mask-making! And happy cheese-eating!

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Chinese New Year Craft: Finger Puppets

Chinese New Year Craft: Finger Puppets

An image of a Chinese New Year craft involving paper puppets for kids.

This Chinese New Year craft was inspired by two traditions.
Tradition dictates that Lunar New Year should begin with freshly-cut hair and new clothes.
Fresh start and all.
You should also clean your house on the last day of the year to clear out the bad luck.
And whatever you do, DO NOT clean your house on the first day of the New Year lest you sweep away all the good new luck settling.
(Best excuse ever to not do housework.)

Click here to download your free finger puppets for this Chinese New Year craft

An image of a Chinese New Year craft involving paper puppets for kids.

Print out the template and lay out different materials for colouring in.
We used black pens to add details and a combination of watercolour pencils and crayons.
Once coloured in, cut the puppets out and stick to a craft stick.

We also raided our recyclables stash and decorated some boxes with red and yellow items found in the craft cupboard.
These collaged creations formed the “rooms” in a house. My kids pretended that their puppets were moving through the rooms and tidying them in preparation for New Year.

An image of a Chinese New Year craft involving paper puppets for kids.

If you’re after some more Chinese New Year craft ideas, check out our Dancing Lion and Fortune Cookies.
Or maybe this Dancing Dragon?

You can find some of our favourite Chinese New Year picture books here.

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Lion Dance Craft for Chinese New Year

Lion Dance Craft for Chinese New Year

Image of a lion dance craft for Chinese New Year for children

The idea of making a lion dance craft for Chinese New Year has been sitting in the dark recesses of my brain for ages.
I just couldn’t quite figure out what form it was going to take.
And so the concept just hung around as I waited for an idea to land upon me.
Yep. My creative process is very formal. Not.

I attempted to do some firework printing using paper tubes with my kids.
It was a bit of a failure. Thanks, Pinterest.
However, looking at the discarded paper tube paintbrushes, it struck me.
Perfect for a dancing lion’s mouth.
And so the project took form.

What you will need for this Lion Dance Craft for Chinese New Year:

Printable template for lion’s head
2 paper tubes
Tissue paper
2 pipe cleaners
Beads, buttons and pom poms
Jewellery wire
Craft glue
Hole punch
Hot glue gun (for adult use)

Image of a template for a lion dance craft for Chinese New Year for children

Print out your template and colour it in.
Make small cuts into a paper tube at regular intervals. Press down gently to fan these sections out. Dip into paint and set aside to dry.
Once dried, you can cut this toilet roll to about one-third of its size.
Cut out the inner circle of your template. Slide the lion’s head over the paper tube- the “teeth” will prevent the head from sliding off.
At the opposite end of the tube, make 4 evenly-spaced cuts into the tube. This will slide over the tube that forms the lion’s body.

Layer squares of tissue paper together. Cut the centre out and place over the paper tube.This tissue paper will sit behind the lion’s head, forming the mane. Trim the paper as desired.
Paint your second paper tube. Once dried, use a hole punch to cut 2 holes for front legs and 2 holes for back legs.
Thread a pipe cleaner between each hole.
Poke the jewellery wire through the middle of the tube. Secure with a bead on the underbelly. This wire will help your lion to jiggle and dance.
Thread beads and buttons onto the pipe cleaner legs. LOTS of fine motor fun at this stage.
I used a hot glue gun to affix pom poms. (An adult obviously should complete that step.)
Thread beads onto the jewellery wire.
Cut some extra tissue paper to layer over the lion’s body.

Now let the lion dance!

Need some more Chinese New Year crafts? Try these finger puppets.

Click here for my Chinese New Year picture book recommendations.

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Free Printable Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Free Printable Pin the Nose on Rudolph

2017 will go down as the year that my kids discovered the joys of “Pin the something on the something” games.
For his birthday, Grandad received a kiddy-drawn version of Pin the Glasses on the Grandad.
For her 4th birthday, my daughter insisted on a customised version of Pin the Hair Bow on the Birthday Girl.
So for the festive season, I present you with a free printable Pin the Nose on Rudolph.

I actually designed this reindeer as a play dough mat for my 12 Oh Creative Days of Christmas eBook.
But one design, many uses, right?
(And perhaps I’ve been bitten by the “Pin the something on the something” bug too.)

The play dough mat is originally A4 in size.
I printed the reindeer out, visited my local copy store and enlarged it to A3.
We traced around some lids to create the noses. We then wielded the hot glue gun and stuck on some pom poms.
Find a blindfold and game on!

Grab your free printable and play Pin the Nose on Rudolph this festive season.

(She said she “couldn’t” see through the blindfold, but I’m dubious….)

Here’s the (original) intended purpose for Rudolph. My eBook comes with 6 play dough mats that you can print off.
I designed them with the intent of hopefully buying you the 5 minutes needed to enjoy a cup of tea.
I mean, fine motor skils. I designed them to help you help your littles develop their fine motor skills.

CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD your Rudolph printable

If you do use this printable for a few jolly rounds of Pin the Nose on Rudolph, tag me on social media. I’d love to see! @ohcreativeday and #ohcreativechristmas


Grab your free printable and play Pin the Nose on Rudolph this festive season. #Christmasgames #Christmascraftsforkids #Christmascrafts

More free 80s-themed printables

More free 80s-themed printables

Throwing an 80s-themed party? Or just a lover of this rad decade? These free 80s themed printables are for YOU!I found making the last batch of free 80s-themed printables so ridiculously satisfying, that I thought I’d share a second round with you all.
AKA “I got so nostalgic over how many awesome films were made in the 80s that I wanted to include them all.”

Can we also take this opportunity to acknowledge how awesome the colour schemes of the 80s were?
It was either all brash, bold and geometric or soft pastels.

Seeing as we went big on the bold and bright colours with the last printables, I thought these quotes should pay homage to the pastel colour schemes of the 80s.
Ain’t nobody did pastels like the 80s.

All printables are A4 in size. Just click the links.


Who watched The Princess Bride on VHS on repeat as a kid?
Who remembers reciting this quote over and over as a kid?
Then this poster is for you


Throwing an 80s-themed party? Or just a lover of this rad decade? These free 80s themed printables are for YOU!Back in my childhood, if somebody asked “Who ya gonna call?” there was only one response.
Now go forth and spend the rest of you day humming the Ghostbusters theme song.
You’re welcome.
Click here to get your Ghostbuster poster


Throwing an 80s-themed party? Or just a lover of this rad decade? These free 80s themed printables are for YOU!I wasn’t actually allowed to watch Mad Max as a kid because you know, adult themes and all.
But man, do I remember Tina Turner and that hair. And this song!
Click here for your Mad Max-inspired poster


Throwing an 80s-themed party? Or just a lover of this rad decade? These free 80s themed printables are for YOU!This was the first film I ever saw in a cinema.
Legend has it (i.e my mum tells me) that when Falkor appeared on screen, I stood on my chair and yelled “I want one of those as a pet!”
This movie holds a very special place in my heart.
I’m pretty sure Atreyu was my first crush.
Get your Never Ending Story poster here

The 80s party is still kicking on over on Facebook. We’ll be sharing rad 80s-inspired crafts, recipes, DIYs and playlists for a few more days yet.
Wear your best high tops and make sure the hair is BIG.
Check out all the retro- inspired crafting happening at #MakeIt80s on Instagram.

Throwing an 80s-themed party? Or just a lover of this rad decade? These free 80s themed printables are for YOU!


Free 80s-themed printables

Free 80s-themed printables


Throwing an 80s-themed party? Or just a lover of this rad decade. These 80s themed printables are for YOU!

When the exceptionally rad Amanda from Barley and Birch asked if I’d like to co-host a week-long online celebration of all things 80s, I immediately ran to dig out my Punky Brewster sweater.
Then I heard that the totally fresh Arielle from Art Camp LA was also on board, and I was all Judd-Nelson-fist-raising-in-the-final-scene-of-The-Breakfast-Club and shouting “DON’T YOU…. FORGET ABOUT ME…. DON’T DON’T DON’T. DON’T!”
Then Raising Kinley and Mom Collaborative  came on board, and I was certain this was a party I did not want to miss.
If you, like us, are children of the 80s, then these free 80s-themed printables are for your trip down Memory Lane.