DIY Christmas Gifts: Shibori Tie Dye Fabrics

Shibori1My sister is rubbish at being idle.
In her first week of uni holidays, she:
– created a website compiling all the research on our family’s genealogy;
– took my kids on an excursion to a wildlife park;
– planned a trip to Vietnam;
– organised a sisterly shibori session.

Shibori is a Japanese tradition that involves twisting and folding fabrics, binding the fabric and then dyeing it in indigo.
The best part?
There is no right or wrong way to shibori.


Top 10 Board Books for Toddlers

Top 10 Board Books for Toddlers

Well that is a misleading title for a post.
I intended to write a post about 10 excellent board books for toddlers.
Except that I got a bit excited and I wrote about more than 10.
And also included non-board books (because there are some truly amazing books for toddlers out there that aren’t in the indestructible board book format.)
So my apologies, but check out these beauties…..

GIVEAWAY: Let The Festivities Begin!

Christmas Kingdom GiveawayOne of my favourite rituals of the Festive Season, is pulling out the tub of Christmas decorations in late-November and unpacking all the glittery, bauble-y goodness.

In January, as I packed all the decorations away, I mentioned to my husband that we may need to re-stock on baubles this Christmas. Our collection had been decimated by the cat/ dog/ toddler/ clumsy, bauble-smashing mum.

Enter my Christmas Angel, Anna from Christmas Kingdom, an online one-stop shop filled with festive goodies.
She asked if I’d like to review the site. Best of all, Anna offered me a $50 voucher to give to an Oh Creative Day reader to spend at Christmas Kingdom.
Yay for Christmas cheer! (more…)

Monday Meander #19

Monday MeanderIf Grandpa arrived at your place, bearing the above sweet treats for your little ones, would you:
A) Immediately stage an intervention and confiscate them?
B) Allow the kids to devour them and then demand that grandpa babysits until the sugar high wears off?
C) Smile serenely. Thank Grandpa. Let the kids eat them and then deal with the aftermath with the patience of a saint? (more…)