Create this Chinese New Year Dragon Craft out of recyclables.Welcome in the Year of the Rooster with this dragon craft for Chinese New Year, made out of household recyclables.

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I’m never quite ready for the New Year to begin on January 1st.
I always feel like I’m still in a fog of holidaze and chasing my tail.
Luckily for me, my family celebrates Chinese New Year. The first day of the Chinese New Year changes each year, based on the lunar calendar, and can be observed anywhere from late January to late February.
This year, the Year of the Rooster starts on January 28th. Chinese New Year celebrations always involve a Dragon Dance.
Head on over to Hello, Wonderful for my tutorial on how to create your own dancing dragon craft out of recyclables.

Tradition dictates that the longer the dragon, the more good fortune brought upon a community. So use up ALL OF THE PAPER TUBES! (Anyone else seem to have a ridiculously large collection of paper tubes stockpiled in their craft cupboard?!)

Check out the video of the dragon in action. He really carves up the dance floor.


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