A picture of two bright finger puppets dressed for Chinese New Year.Tradition dictates that Lunar New Year should begin with freshly-cut hair and new clothes.
Fresh start and all.
You should also clean your house on the last day of the year to clear out the bad luck.
And whatever you do, DO NOT clean your house on the first day of the New Year lest you sweep away all the good new luck settling.
(Best excuse ever to not do housework.)
This Chinese New Year craft was inspired by these two traditions.

Download your free finger puppets hereImage of template with two characters dressed for Chinese New Year.

Print out the template and lay out different materials for colouring in.
We used black pens to add details and a combination of watercolour pencils and crayons.
Once coloured in, cut the puppets out and stick to a craft stick.

We also raided our recyclables stash and decorated some boxes with red and yellow items found in the craft cupboard.
These collaged creations formed the “rooms” in a house. My kids pretended that their puppets were moving through the rooms and tidying them in preparation for New Year.

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Text Overlay Chinese New Year Finger Puppets with Free Printable 2 images of free printable