Dinosaur Small WorldWe’ve hit the Dinosaur phase at our place.
(I blame Dorothy the Dinosaur.)
After tripping over a plastic dinosaur one time too many, I decided to create our first small world.
Have you seen them around the Interwebs?
They encourage creative and imaginative play.
I love them for the vocab development opportunities that they provide.
They are also fabulous from a sensory perspective.

They are also super easy to create.
I purchased this planter thingamajig from the local gardening centre.
Dinosaur_Small_WorldWe filled it halfway with soil, then went on a hunt around the garden for suitable additions.
Rocks, wood chips, twigs… whatever you have at your disposal!
As we did this, we had a great chat about the texture of the items we were collecting.
Dinosaur_Small_World Then the fun part!
Introducing the dinosaurs to their new home.
Although at this point, The Toddler had a full-blown tantrum at me for attempting to play with her dinosaurs.
You don’t see that part on Pinterest, do you?
Dinosaur Small World CollageNo more tripping over dinosaur toys for me and lots of imaginative play for The Toddler!
I believe we’d call that a win-win!

Dinosaur Small World in Use* You know your children best. Please use your own judgement as to whether this is a suitable activity for your child and supervise as necessary.

What phase is happening at your place at the moment?

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