DIY Christmas WreathI like to think of this wreath as a crafty way to clean up the pesky plastic toy animals that are scattered ALL OVER THE LOUNGE ROOM FLOOR. Or is that just at my place?!

Last Christmas, I wrote about how our wreath was dying a slow death. I managed to reinvent it one last time. This year when I unpacked the Christmas decorations, I had to face the reality that I needed to come up with a new wreath. STAT.

So I raided the paint chip aisle at my local hardware store, picked the plastic toys off the floor and created this simple Christmas wreath.

DIY Christmas WreathI cut up an old nappy box. Use some thick-ish card.
Trace around a large bowl to create the outer edge of the wreath.
Place a smaller bowl inside this circle and trace an inner circle.

I then, rather roughly, cut the inner circle out. It doesn’t matter too much if you have rough edges as you can cover these with paint chip leaves.

DIY Christmas WreathI then painted my wreath base white.

DIY Christmas WreathYou can create a cardboard leaf template to ensure all your leaves are relatively uniform.
Or you could freestyle. I used a template to trace leaves onto the back of the paint cards.

DIY Christmas WreathCut your leaves out and arrange them around your wreath until you’re happy with the layout. Then glue your arrangement down. I used Mod Podge, but any craft glue will do.

DIY Christmas WreathPaint your plastic animals in the colours of your choice. The kids were very enthusiastic about this part. At this stage I don’t think they realised my ulterior motive.

DIY Christmas WreathOnce dried, arrange your plastic animals around the wreath and secure with a hot glue gun.

Allow to dry and then hang on your front door.
Rejoice that your chances of stepping on plastic animals have been drastically minimised!

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DIY Christmas Wreath