Oh Creative DayMy kids are partial to falling asleep in the car after a morning outing.
They are not of the variety who transfer from car to bed.
(Was I meant to tick a box on a form to get a kid that does that?)
It’s pretty amazing what you can achieve on your driveway whilst the kids nap in the air-conditioned comfort of the car.
A felt bilby with a wardrobe full of bow ties, for example.
(Not from Australia, and wondering what on Earth is this bilby-malarkey of which I speak?
Read this article.)
I present an Easter craft to you, completed in about 25 minutes on my front doorstep in the driveway.

Oh Creative Day

Photographic evidence of front step and craft-in-progress on driveway.

Oh Creative DayYou’ll need a variety of felt, sharp scissors, craft glue, a paintbrush to apply glue and possibly a fabric marker.
I sourced the template from here (just print page 25.)
The red marker shows where I enlarged the ears and narrowed out the snout.

Oh Creative DayDepending on your crafting style, you could pin the template to a piece of grey felt.
Or you could trace around it with a fabric marker. (I discovered that my fabric marker no longer works.)
Or you could be uber-lazy like me, dab a few dots of craft glue onto the felt and hold your template in place like this.
(And then peel the paper template off once your shape has been cut out.)

Oh Creative DayI cut smaller ears from the template’s original ears in order to create the pink highlights of the bilby’s ears.
Cut out a small triangular piece of pink felt for the tip of the nose.

Oh Creative DayUse white and black felt to create an eye.
Secure all these parts in place with craft glue.

Oh Creative DayThen I used the felt off cuts to create items for the bilby’s wardrobe.
Bow ties and overalls are very 2016.

Oh Creative DayIn between playing dress-ups with the bilby, all the pieces are stored in a big, plastic envelope.

How do you spend your kiddys’ nap time?
(And if it is also spent hanging out on the driveway, I’m sending you a virtual fist bump.)