4 painted paper tubes folded to create DIY fortune cookies.

This Chinese New Year craft had me asking all the big questions.
Who writes the fortunes that go inside fortune cookies? Are they incredibly wise?
Or is it a team of people who are brainstorming fortunes across a boardroom?
Is job satisfaction high?
Like I said. All the big questions.

Over on Instagram, I host the get.creative.with account with the ladies from Little Button Diaries.
This week we have craft royalty as our guest judge, Maggy from Red Ted Art.
Maggy is challenging the squad to get creative with toilet tubes.

This Chinese New Year craft was literally thought up as I sat toying with a paper tube.
At first I considered crafting dumplings because dumplings are life.
Instead, I thought I’d try my hand at writing some fortunes for kids.

Download your free printable fortunes here

Free printable with fortunes to be used inside DIY fortune cookies. Painted toilet tube and a pair of scissors sit near the printable.

What you will need:

Painted toilet tubes


Double-sided tape

Printable fortunes

An egg tray containing upright painted toilet tubes for a fortune cookie craft

TIP: Use an egg carton to keep your toilet tubes upright for painting and drying.

Print out the fortunes and cut them into strips.

Once toilet tubes have dried, fold them in half.Strips of paper with fortune cookie fortunes printed on them. A pair of scissors and two toilet tubes folded in half.Slide a fortune into the tube. Some of the fortunes may be longer than the tubes, so you will have to fold the ends in.

Use double-sided tape (or glue or a stapler) to keep the two halves folded together.

Let the good fortune roll in!

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