DIY Ice Cream Garland www.ohcreativeday.comWhen I went to birthday parties as a kid, you could pretty much predict where I’d be hanging out.
The food table.
When my bestie recently held an ice cream party for her little one’s first birthday, I was a bit excited by one detail.
There was going to be a free gelati cart present.
Immediately, the inner-child in me mentally calculated how much gelati was socially acceptable for me to consume on one day.
As a sign of appreciation for such a cool party theme, I made this garland to add to the festivities.
It would be perfect for summer parties!

DIY Ice Cream Garland www.ohcreativeday.comYou will need:
– Some card cut into triangles. We were lucky enough to find some white pre-cut bunting card. However, it would be easy enough to cut your own bunting. You could also use different coloured card.
– A hole punch. Our pre-cut bunting cards were already hole punched. If you make your own, you’ll need to punch holes to thread your string through.
– We used tan card for the ice cream cones. These actually get covered in tissue paper, so it doesn’t really matter what colour the card is underneath all the tissue paper fringing.
– Tissue paper in a variety of colours
– Coloured paper
– PVA glue
– Scissors
– String or Twine

It’s also useful to have 2 plastic tubs to house all your ice cream “sprinkles” and decorative circles.
DIY Ice Cream Garland www.ohcreativeday.comIt’s a good idea to have all your tissue paper cut and ready to go.
If you cut as you go, it may be a bit time-consuming and tedious.
So cut strips of tissue paper for your ice cream cone.
(We used gold tissue paper- you use whatever colour tickles your fancy!)
We created tissue paper fringing. (Remember this primary school skill?)
Start gluing your fringing from the bottom of the cone.
You want the fringing to over lap.
Trim the excess fringing off the sides.
DIY Ice Cream Garland www.ohcreativeday.comFind a round object and trace circles onto coloured paper.
Cut out your scoops of ice cream and glue onto white triangular card.
Glue the cone over the bottom scoop.
Decorate your ice cream with paper “sprinkles.”

We also created bunting with overlapping paper circles to create some contrast.

String it all together and hang your garland up.
Now go and eat all of the ice cream.

Do you love a good themed party? What’s the best party you’ve ever attended?
Baby Bear turns 1 in April and I’m thinking a Dinosaur theme. Any suggestions?