DIY Kid's Art Garland using craft sticks and paintHow do you shake a creative slump?
It’s no secret that I have a love affair with Instagram and Pinterest.
Love is grand, but this infatuation can occasionally be problematic creatively.
Every now and then, I get psyched out by all the amazing ideas put together by all the amazing creatives living on the Interwebs.
And the mean, little voice in my head will start…
“Give up, Shannon. All the awesome ideas are ALREADY TAKEN.
Quit while you’re ahead. You will NEVER HAVE ANOTHER IDEA EVER AGAIN.”

The mean, little voice started popping up a few weeks ago.
I had been in a creative slump, feeling uninspired, suffering a bad case of Comparison-itis.
So I did what I always do when I’m feeling a bit creatively blah.
We got the paints out and made a garland.
I highly recommend it!

DIY Kid's Art Garland using craft sticks and paintMy slump happened to occur during #getcreativewith craft sticks week.
(Have you checked out @get.creative.with?
It’s an awesome creative community I co-host with the delightful ladies from Little Button Diaries. Each week we have a different theme from a Guest Host. I apologise to craft sticks. Never did I know so many creative things could be done with this humble item. Go check out the hashtag!)

1. Tape and Paint

So we tried resist painting with craft sticks.
We taped our sticks to watercolour paper in fun ways.
Then the kids went wild with paint over the top.

DIY Kid's Art Garland using craft sticks and paint2. Peel and Cut

The fun part is peeling the tape away to reveal the white space.
(I recommend using washi tape as it is easier to peel off.)
Cut your art into circles.
(We went for circles of the same size. You could vary the sizes, but you need 3 circles per size.)

DIY Kid's Art Garland using craft sticks and paint3. Fold and Glue

Fold your circles in half.
Take 3 circles. Apply glue to the back of one-half.

DIY kid's art garland using craft sticks and paintStick this half to another half.
Use your third circle and apply glue on both halves. Secure to previous 2 circles used.

4. Hole Punch and String

DIY kid's art garland using craft sticks and paintPunch a hole through the top sectors.
String some yarn through the hole.

I wrapped yarn around a stick.
Have you ever wrapped a stick in yarn?
(Weirdest question ever.)
It is very meditative!

I found it easier to tape the stick up at this point to place and suspend your circles.

5. Hang and Glue

I didn’t intend on using the craft sticks in the final garland, but the effects were so lovely that I had to factor them in somehow.DIY Kid's Art Garland using craft sticks and paintI used superglue to attach the sticks to the yarn.

Our little garland now hangs in our kitchen.
It is a nice reminder that the easiest way to shake a creative slump is to just get some materials out and play. And to stop comparing yourself to everybody else on Social Media.

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DIY Kid's Art Garland using craft sticks and paint