NYE GarlandWhat do you do with all the artwork produced by your mini-Picassos?
I store it in haphazard piles in the laundry.
Organised, I know.
One of my 2016 resolutions is to develop more effective ways of storing and displaying the art produced by my kiddies.
So to start the year with this in mind, we’ve made a garland to welcome in the New Year.

NYE GarlandSanta bought The Little Ladybird some of these gorgeous all-natural paints.
We used them on water colour paper.
Once dried, we collected the following bits and pieces…

NYE GarlandYou could free draw the letters for your message, but that is not a skill I possess.
So I just whipped up the letters on the old computer machine.
Here is the file if you’d like to use it.

NYE GarlandCut out your letters.

NYE GarlandGlue your letters face-down to the back of the artworks.

NYE GarlandCut out your letters and glue them onto the A5 card.

NYE GarlandPunch holes through the top of each card.
I had planned on adding confetti and buttons to each card.
Unfortunately dinner had to be cooked.
But you could add all kinds of embellishments to each card.
I added some tissue paper tassels using this tutorial.
String together the cards and hang your garland.

NYE GarlandThen bring in your child/ren to inspect your use of their artwork.

NYE GarlandDo you make resolutions?

Thank you for popping by and sharing your time with me during 2015.
This little blog is my outlet for reminding myself that I am a capable, functioning adult whilst blundering through the sleep deprivation of raising 2 kiddies under the age of 2. (Sleep! I missssss you!)
Your words of kindness and support have made this such a happy place.
Thank you!
Here’s to a 2016 filled with love, laughter and craftiness.