Easter Bunny EarsNothing like an Easter Hat Parade to have you scrambling for the glue gun and pom poms.
Here’s a cute and simple DIY for some Easter Bunny Ears using pipe cleaners, a headband and paper. (And pom poms should you so desire. Because pom poms.)
Easter Bunny EarsTwist and form your pipe cleaners into bunny ears.
Secure the ears to the headband with some more twisting. Cut off any excess pipe cleaner around the headband.

Easter Bunny EarsI used some origami paper for our ears, but any decorative paper would do the job.
Mod Podge is one of my fave craft supplies- but any white craft glue will do.

Easter Bunny EarsI tore the paper into strips. You could use scissors if you wanted a sharper, cleaner finish.
I liberally applied Mod Podge to the paper strips and then folded the paper over the pipe cleaner frame. (Mod Podge and most craft glues dry clear so apply as much as you need.)

Keep checking the shape of your ears as you go along. Pulling the paper too tight will change the shape of your bunny ears.

In retrospect, it would be easier if you covered your pipe cleaner frame with tissue paper and glued it all in place. You could then glue your decorative paper straight onto your tissue paper base. You live, you learn!

Easter Bunny EarsKeep layering and gluing strips of paper in place until the frame is covered.

Easter Bunny EarsThis is the back of our Easter Bunny headband. I used superglue to stick some skewers in place to give the ears a bit more structure. The ears still remained upright without the skewers, but with skewers in place the ears were less floppy.

The back of the ears can be quite messy with the layers of paper, so just cover it up with some tissue paper glued over the top.

Easter Bunny EarsWe just poked some fresh flowers through the bow on the headband. You could glue some fake flowers in place, or some pom poms. Depends on the kind of headband you use.

Easter Bunny EarsParade your bunny ears proudly. In our case, it was just around the backyard. But the cat was suitably impressed.

Easter Bunny Ears