Looking for some low-mess and simple creative projects for kids to set up at home?
I got you!

I’ve been hanging out in Casey’s Little Play Club, chatting all things creativity and kids.
I’ve gathered together some easy ideas that are quick and simple to set up.

Cardboard Canvas

Cardboard is the Hero of the Crafty World. If you stockpile cardboard boxes like me (Thanks online shopping!) this is a perfect way to reuse them.

Pull the box apart and draw different-sized frames across the cardboard. Offer different markers and invite your mini-maker to create masterpieces inside the frames.

Washi Masterpiece

Draw an outline of your child’s current obsession (animals? dinosaurs? unicorns?)
Or maybe a symbol of a celebration that you are about to enjoy? (This ghost was from Halloween.)
Bring out the washi tape and model how to use your thumb and pointer to tear the tape.
Invite your mini-maker to press the tape down inside the shape.

Beaded Letters

Beads are an excellent way to develop fine motor skills.
Find all my tips for creating beaded letters here.my tips for creating beaded letters here.
These make perfect homemade Christmas ornaments.

Ribbon Threading

Again with the cardboard! Cut out a shape and use a hole punch to create holes around the edges.
Thread some twine or ribbon downwards, like the black twine in the picture, to create a weaving frame.
Provide your little artist with some ribbon and show them how you can thread the ribbon over and under, over and under.

Mixed Media Masterpieces

Dinos are so hot right now at my place. I provided my kids with crayons, paint sticks, markers, a glue stick and paper scraps to decorate the dino. Instant collage masterpiece!

Collage is one of my favourite art processes for kids.
Here are some different paper techniques. And just look at all that vocab!!

Tips for Drawing

Need some tips for drawing with little artisits? Here you go!

(We also LOVE this Pass the Portrait game.)

If you try any of these ideas, I’d love to see! Tag me on @ohcreativeday