Egg Decorating with Floating Chalk


Did you have any egg decorating traditions growing up?
We didn’t.
Every Easter, I’m determined to nail the whole egg decorating business and never quite succeed.
Well, by golly, by gosh, this year I think I’ve nailed it. #modest
We had a go at egg decorating with floating chalk and the results were pretty rad.

Have you ever tried floating chalk prints?
We first discovered it via Picklebums and then were recently reminded of its awesomeness by Art Camp LA.

First, you need to hollow out your egg.
Barbara from Art Bar has a great tutorial on how to do this successfully.

Egg Decorating With Floating Chalk

I painted my eggs with acrylic paint.
I actually don’t think is highly necessary, but it’s your call!

I used these chalk pastels.
Using a bread knife (highly technical!) I gently scraped the pastels over a dish filled with water.

Egg Decorating With Floating Chalk

With my egg on a skewer, I gently placed the egg in the chalk bath.
Experiment with gently rolling the egg around. Be gentle though! Too much movement causes the chalk to clump together and make a muddy mess.

Place egg upright to dry. (I poked holes in an egg carton to create a drying rack.)

Display prominently.
Feel proud.

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