A simple, kid-friendly fairy bread craft for Australia DayMake this simple fairy bread craft for Australia Day with the kids.

The mere thought of shopping with two small humans generally leads to me breaking a cold sweat and a racing heart rate.
As a result, I do a fair bit of online shopping which leads to a fair few delivery boxes around the house.
To justify this online habit, I’m forever trying to come up with crafts that recycle all the boxes that seem to enter our household. This one is such an example.
A simple little craft that could be used as Australia Day decorations, celebrating the Aussie gastronomical delight that is fairy bread.

A simple, kid-friendly fairy bread craft for Australia DayYou’ll need:
A cardboard box- please use this craft as justification for online shopping.
White paint- we use acrylics.
Colourful straws cut into sprinkle-sized pieces
this photo is totes misleading. I initially thought I’d use a glue gun to adhere the straws to the cardboard. It quickly became apparent that the glue gun was not cooperating. So we ended up using white PVA glue. Any craft glue should do.

I also uncovered some washi tape that doubled as “crust.”

I was going to re-take this photo to accurately show the materials you’ll need. Instead I kept it for transparency aka I often start craft projects thinking I’ll do things one way, and then have to adapt when things don’t turn out the way I planned. Some may call this “unorganised.” I like to say that it’s just the creative process.

A simple, kid-friendly fairy bread craft for Australia Day1. I traced around a square plate onto the cardboard. Cut the squares out and then cut diagonally to create triangles.
2. Paint triangles white.
3. Once dry, add washi tape borders for “crust.”4. Cover the centre of the triangle in glue. Sprinkle straws on. Voila, fairy bread!

A simple, kid-friendly fairy bread craft for Australia Day

These would be super cute strung onto yarn to create some bunting.
Or you could create little necklaces for young fairy bread enthusiasts.

What are your plans for Australia Day?
I think I might need to make these Fairy Bread Lamingtons…..