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Last week we held The Little Ladybird’s 1st First birthday party with family.
(The lucky child is having 2 parties… long story!)

I can’t believe I am mum to a one year old. Sorry for the cliché but time has flown.

Things I have learnt in my first year as a mum…

1) If you put your baby in a “nice” outfit, they will instantaneously produce some kind of bodily fluid requiring an immediate change of clothes.
Likewise, as soon as you doll yourself up, the mini-human will produce something requiring you to change your clothes.

2) If somebody begins a sentence with “You should….” it is more than likely that they are about to give you unsolicited advice.
Do with it what you will.

3) The baby will wake up as soon as you sit down to a hot, fresh cuppa or lunch or dinner. Shovelling food into your mouth with one hand will become your newest skill.

4) The baby does not know if you improvise with nursery rhymes. So what if Old MacDonald has polar bears on his farm? (Although what sound do they make? E I E I O.)
This little piggy may have gone to market. Or he may have gone for a mani/pedi. Who are we to judge?

5) STOP second-guessing yourself! As those clever boffins at Nike say- JUST DO IT! (This is an unsponsored post btw.)
Make a decision. Just do it. Move on.

6) The ferocity with which you love this mini-human will floor you. Time. And Time. And Time Again.

One of The Little Ladybird’s obssessions favourite pastimes is a game we refer to as “Harrasing the Cat.” She delights in following the cat around the house, blissfully unaware that they cat is actually trying to run away from her.

So it seemed fitting to have a cat-themed celebration.

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I love a good tradition and Australian Womens Weekly Birthday Cakes are mandatory at our house.
We adapted the Ginger Neville to make it look like our feline.

IMG_9493Vases made out of glass jars we seem to stockpile in our pantry.
I somehow managed to choose flowers that gave off an odour reminiscent of cat pee. I always aim to give my guests an immersive experience.

IMG_9565Those prints are from the delightful Anke Weckmann. She is the Cat’s Meow.


These chocolate-dipped, sprinkles-covered marshmallows were inspired by Little Party Love. They were like fairy bread. But better. Hello Sugar Coma! These are going to become a party fixture, I’d say. So easy to make and they just scream PARTY! (Or is that the sugar talking?)


The cupcake toppers were stickers that I fashioned into toppers. The stickers came from Pik Wah Chan’s Etsy store, also known as my favourite Etsy store OF ALL TIME. It’s a labyrinth of wonderfulness!

Happy First Birthday, Little Ladybird. You are the light of our lives xx


What birthday traditions do you have at yours?