Birthday QuestionnaireSince we celebrated The Little Ladybird’s 2nd birthday last month, I’ve been consumed with this weird “The-Days-Are-Long-But-The-Years-Are-Short/ My-Babies-Are-Growing-Too-Fast/ You-Need-To-Capture-ALLA-The-Memories!” feeling.

Let’s refer to it as a wistful hysteria.

I want to remember how she…
… has started referring to me as “Mumma Bear” and her father as “Daddy-O.” It smashes our hearts into smithereens…

… lovingly drags around a threadbare Teddy, whose nose has disintegrated and been drawn back on with a black Sharpie…

… loves collecting random items, like beads, and stores them in equally random places. Like the oven…

In an effort to curb this wistful hysteria, I designed this printable to be filled in on each birthday.

Oh_Creative_Day_Birthday_Questionnaire_LinedThen the rebel in me exclaimed, “WHO NEEDS LINES?!” So here is an unlined version.
I’m crazy like that.

Oh_Creative_Day_Birthday_Questionnaire_unlinedAnd because I am the ultimate procrastinator and lover of many fonts, I then designed this one.



If you want to climb aboard the Train of Wistful Hysteria, click on the design you like.
Then just do the old File>Print, and it’s yours!
I’m going to print off a bundle and stash them in a safe place. Then each birthday, fill one in per kiddo, and voila! A snapshot in time.

Oh Creative Day Birthday QuestionnairesHow do you go about memory-capturing at your place?