The theme for Book Week 2018 is “Find Your Treasure.”
How good is that? There are so many treasures to be found between the pages of a good book!
Scroll down for your free printable Book Treasure Hunt.
Use it with your little readers to celebrate all the gold within books throughout the year- not just during Book Week.

How to have your own Book Week Treasure Hunt at home!

Free printable for a treasure hunt for Book Week

We began by digging through the recyclables collection. (I feel like many of my stories begin this way.)
We dug out some “treasure chests” and painted them.
It is then quite clear that we bedazzled them with gem stickers to our hearts’ content.
I am still finding gem stickers stuck to floorboards.

In retrospect, I feel like it would be perfect at this stage to also dig out some pirate books to accompany the making!

Free printable for a book treasure hunt for book week

Download your free printable book treasure hunt here

Print out your book treasure hunt.
Cut out the objects and place them into your treasure chest. I initially rolled them up into scrolls because CUTE!
It’s actually just easier if you fold them up.

We played by pulling a piece of paper from the treasure chest.
I then prompted with “What book can you find that has a ____ in it?”
And the hunt was on!

(You could also choose to use the printable in a Bingo-style.)
A child's hands picking out clues for a treasure huntWe then collected all our “treasure” on the table.
Once your book treasure hunt is over, you could review the books gathered and here is where the teachable moments lie.

A collection of books with images from a treasure hunt for Book Week

You could ask:

What do you think of this character? Why?
Who was your favourite character? Why?
Where was this book set?
Was there a problem in this book? How was it solved?
What were you feeling when _____?

You could make connections between the book and your child’s life.
Do you know a dog/ cat like the one in the story?
Have you ever been to the city?

The beauty of this activity is that you could use it again and again and again. Not just during Book Week.
Because books should be celebrated every day!

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A treasure hunt printable for Book Week