JUST_DO_YOU_A4 Free Printable

What was with last week?
Was Mercury in Retrograde or something?
Or was it just me?

I feel like I spent the entire week second-guessing myself.
Questioning my parenting.
Questioning my teaching.
Questioning my priorities.
It was just. plain. exhausting.

A while back, the splendiferously awesome Melinda Cooper offered to design a free printable for Oh Creative Day readers. I’ve been a Fan Girl of hers for awhile now and I knew I wanted to come up with something really, really good for you all.

I had one idea. But then decided it was no good (there’s that second-guessing thing again. No actually, it just ended up not being that great an idea.)

After an afternoon spent hanging out with Susie from HandywithScissors (really it was a play date, but let’s pretend to be fancy) I realised that I wanted a printable for all the ladies who were just trying their best to be their best and do their best in a world that, sometimes, makes it a bit hard to do just that.

A world filled with glossy Instagram and Pinterest images that you know you shouldn’t be comparing your life to but you do anyway. We’re all human.

A world where it feels like you’re being pulled in a million different directions whilst trying to juggle a million different balls at the same time. And frequently dropping those balls.

A world where Mother’s Guilt and second-guessing are frequent visitors.

I often say to my students “You’re in charge of You.” Or the other goldie, “You just worry about You.” So I’m taking my own advice.

Just Do You.
No apologies.
No matter what, you’ll do it perfectly.

To get your own copy, click here and do the good, old right-click and Save Image As.
You then have your copy forever and can print it whenever and however you like.

Now go forth and Just Do You. You’re really awesome at it.