2017 will go down as the year that my kids discovered the joys of “Pin the something on the something” games.
For his birthday, Grandad received a kiddy-drawn version of Pin the Glasses on the Grandad.
For her 4th birthday, my daughter insisted on a customised version of Pin the Hair Bow on the Birthday Girl.
So for the festive season, I present you with a free printable Pin the Nose on Rudolph.

I actually designed this reindeer as a play dough mat for my 12 Oh Creative Days of Christmas eBook.
But one design, many uses, right?
(And perhaps I’ve been bitten by the “Pin the something on the something” bug too.)

The play dough mat is originally A4 in size.
I printed the reindeer out, visited my local copy store and enlarged it to A3.
We traced around some lids to create the noses. We then wielded the hot glue gun and stuck on some pom poms.
Find a blindfold and game on!

Grab your free printable and play Pin the Nose on Rudolph this festive season.

(She said she “couldn’t” see through the blindfold, but I’m dubious….)

Here’s the (original) intended purpose for Rudolph. My eBook comes with 6 play dough mats that you can print off.
I designed them with the intent of hopefully buying you the 5 minutes needed to enjoy a cup of tea.
I mean, fine motor skils. I designed them to help you help your littles develop their fine motor skills.

CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD your Rudolph printable

If you do use this printable for a few jolly rounds of Pin the Nose on Rudolph, tag me on social media. I’d love to see! @ohcreativeday and #ohcreativechristmas


Grab your free printable and play Pin the Nose on Rudolph this festive season. #Christmasgames #Christmascraftsforkids #Christmascrafts