Click here to download my free printable reading log for for little bookworms.

Once a book is read, add the title to the spine of any book on the printable.

A free printable reading log is printed on white paper and is displayed on a range of childrens' books.

Reading isn’t a competitive sport.
In my opinion, a reading log shouldn’t be about how many books you can complete and write down but it should simply be a record of what you’ve read.

I’ll be using this reading log with my kiddos in the New Year so they can reflect on what books they’ve enjoyed and would recommend to a friend (useful for birthday present buying and also helps me determine what books to add to the To Buy list in the school library. Also I have the memory of a sieve so I need things written down that I can refer to. I need visuals, people!)

Being able to have conversations around and about books is such an ace skill for a young reader.

I’d love to see this free printable reading log in use. Tag me on Insta or FB as @ohcreativeday so I can ogle all the great books being read at your place.

Happy Reading!