Get Creative With PaintThe crafty ladies from Little Button Diaries and I have birthed a new Instagram baby, @get.creative.with.
A new theme will be set each week, encouraging and inspiring families to get creative with various materials, art processes, bits and pieces.
The theme for our very first week was PAINT. There is SO MUCH inspiration under #getcreativewith.
Check out some of these ways to get creative with paint.

get creative with paintIdea via @artcampla
How striking are these cardboard canvases inspired by Rothko? Your own in-home Art Gallery!

get creative with paintImage via @handywithscissors
Susie fulfilled all Arty Crafty Lady Dreams and purchased a new craft cupboard. Said craft cupboard came in amazing packaging. So she let her kids at it with paint and painting implements with spectacular results.

get creative with paintImage via @jenplusthem
Jen’s 3-year-old was snacking on grapes when he observed that the stalks would be great for paintbrushes. What an artistic genius! So she set up this simple invitation to paint in nap time.

get creative with paintImage via @thebluebarn
Big pasta tubes and neon paint never looked so good! The team at Blue Barn turned these into jewellery. An oldie but a goldie!

get creative with paintImage via @kat.dale
“Clean” painting by squirting paint under cling wrap. Then letting the kids use all body parts to spread and squish the paint- what a sensory experience!

get creative with paintImage via @playfullittlelearners
DIY puffy paint to practise sightwords. Homework never looked so fun or colourful!

get creative with paintImage via @minimakersstudio
I always associate Lazy Susans with dumplings….. but now I really want one for art purposes!

get creative with paintImage via @curiouslittlepeople
Rossa and her boys were inspired by the amazing book “Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Colour” by Julia Denos. They created this amazing masterpiece using paint and old credit cards!

get creative with paintImage via @edvasims
Edva’s local hardware store were giving away wooden scraps. She seized all the wooden stakes she could and created an art experience inspired by Paul Klee. Amazing!

get creative with paintImage via @creatingcreatives
Sometimes the simplest activities are the most rewarding! Shelly and her artists traced circles onto paper and then used watercolours to paint them, observing what happened when the colours overlapped.
Watercolours are the best for low-mess painting activities!

get creative with paintImage via @blastasticday
Karlita and Lennon have an awesome video on their feed showing how they used a spinning machine to create these art pieces. You can create the same effect with a salad spinner.

There are many more colourful and fabulous ideas under #getcreativewith.
Come by and join in the @get.creative.with fun and check out the new theme for this week.
Tia and Laura from Little Button Diaries are just fabulously Creative Ladies. You can read their Oh Creative Lady interview here.