Gift Wrapping Ideas Part 1I suspect that I’ve put this post together to justify my ridiculous collection of washi tape and stationery.
This would partially be the truth.
I kinda just have this intense love of wrapping presents.
Do you feel me?
Like when you’re checking out after some online present shopping, and you’re asked if you’d like to get your goods gift wrapped.
I’m always like “Helllllll no!” I want that job all to myself. #simplepleasures
Gift Wrap 1
Gift wrapping allows me to indulge the sticker-collecting-little-girl within.
I have a “Gift Wrapping Shelf” in our TV cabinet, where I collect random bits of twine, paper, stickers and tape.
And I’m forever tripping over those little wooden pegs.
But really, is there anything washi tape can’t do?
Gift wrap 2I suspect that if you’re a gift wrapping aficionado like me, you also have an intense love affair with your local $2 shop.
Our $2 shop has a great range of little plastic toys which are fun for tszujing up presents.
Gift Wrap Ideas
Making your own clay buttons is super fun and easy.
Gift Wrap 4
I followed this tutorial to make those tassels.
Gift wrap 5
That yellow bow comes as a free printable. There are loads of designs to choose from here.
Gift Wrap 6
I recycle a lot of my Toddler’s art for gift wrapping purposes.
The above is some paper towel that she had used inks on.
I laid them one on top of another, then scrunched them in the middle to create a tissue paper flower.

I collect gift wrapping ideas over on Pinterest. Oh yes I do.

Do you take the gift wrapping option when it’s offered?
Or do you like to take that job on yourself?