Gift_Wrapping_Ideas_Part_2I recently attempted to clear out my bookshelves.
I couldn’t bring myself to even throw out the most tattered, most battered of my books.
So I simply transferred them to my gift-wrapping cupboard.
Hoarder or Genius?

Here are some of my re-purposed books in gift-wrap form.
Gift_Wrapping_Picture_Books In aforementioned gift-wrapping cupboard, I also collect random scraps of paper that I come across.
I use that whole “saving-it-for-a-special-occasion” justification. (My husband nods and smiles, groans inwardly and then turns away and rolls his eyes.)
Gift_Wrapping_Part_2And when I can’t find that perfect piece of paper to complete a wrapping job, I turn to my friend Pinterest and print off some free coolness.
You can get these fun, animal gift tags here.

There are some more gift-wrapping ideas here.

How’s your Christmas present shopping coming along?
What’s on your wishlist this Festive Season?
(Or are you hiding under a rock and not thinking about Christmas until December?)