LOVE U Fridge Magnet by Coloured ButtonsMy Maternity Leave ended this week so it’s back to work I go.
As I ease myself back into the workforce, I’m predicting that I won’t have the brain energy to blog as much as I’d like to.
But I get by with a little help from my friends. Like Trixi from Coloured Buttons.
Some lovely bloggy friends will be guest posting here over the next few weeks to aid me in my transition.

I adore Trixi’s goal- “Teaching the world to sew one stitch at a time.”
I don’t know about you but I had been scarred by High School Sewing Classes. (My mum finished off my sewing assignments at school. Thanks, Mum!)
Until recently, I really believed that sewing was not something I “did.”
Then I met Trixi via her Instagram feed.
She truly believes that everybody has the ability to sew and creates simple but sweet sewing project.
I purchased her book ‘Sew Together Grow Together’ and it gave me the confidence to try these finger puppets.
I kinda feel like Trixi is my own personal Sewing Coach on Instagram. She is forever providing inspiration, support and cheer-leading.

Thank you to Trixi for this tutorial on how to make a fridge magnet, perfect for Mother’s Day.

What You Need

  • 22cm X 28cm piece of white felt
  • 6cm X 6cm square of orange felt
  • 6cm X 6cm square of yellow felt
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Polyester fibrefill
  • Two strong magnets
  • Hot glue gun

What to Do

Love U Fridge Magnet from Coloured ButtonsFold the piece of white felt in half. Draw a speech bubble on one side and cut out to make two equal sized speech bubbles. Cut out a heart from the orange felt and a letter U from the yellow felt.

Love U Fridge Magnet from Coloured ButtonsSew or glue the heart and the letter U onto one of the speech bubbles.

Love U Fridge Magnet from Coloured ButtonsGlue the magnets into place on the remaining speech bubble.

Love U Fridge Magnet from Coloured ButtonsPlace the two speech bubbles one on top of the other. Pin and sew together. Remember to leave a 5cm opening for stuffing.

LOVE U Fridge Magnet by Coloured ButtonsStuff with a small amount of polyester fibrefill and sew the opening closed.

You can find Trixi on her website packed with tutorials, Facebook and Instagram.

Can you sew?

Images by: Trixi, Coloured Buttons