Hairy Maclary PartyYou know a book has really embedded itself in your psyche when the following happens…

You’re out and about when you see a sausage dog.
“Oh look!” You exclaim to your husband.
“It’s Schnitzel von Krumm!”

The Hairy Maclary series by Lynley Dodd is a favourite in our household.
Or as The Little Ladybird refers to him, “Hairwy Cwawy.”

Last year for her 1st birthday, we went all Green-Sheep-styles.
This year for her 2nd birthday party, we went barking mad for Hairy Maclary.
(It was the best canine pun I could come up with. I apologise.)

Hairy Maclary Party DecorationsI used this super easy tutorial for the tassel garland.
We made some salt dough ornaments using this recipe.
The Hairy Maclary site has some super cute (free) decorations that we used on bunting, straws and as cupcake toppers.

entertainmentWhat’s your Pass the Parcel philosophy?
Do you put a prize in every layer or take the one prize, one winner approach?
Kids’ parties are a minefield of potential tantums! I wavered and went for a doggy sticker prize in each layer before the big final prize (which ended up broken by the end of the party anyway. Sigh.)

The kids played Pin the Tail on Hairy Maclary. (Hooray for older cousins who can run the party games!)
There was a Hairy Maclary chill-out reading zone.

Do you like the balloons? I’d like to pretend that one of my many life skills includes being a balloon artist.
Alas, this is not the case. I leave it to the proffesionals.
These balloons were twisted and twirled by the amazing Elaine and her little man, Lucas from Little Balloons Project.
They are a local duo who dedicate their weekends to bringing joy to kids’ parties across our area.
Through their balloons, they raise awareness and funds for a local charity, Touched by Olivia.
Touched by Olivia create inclusive play spaces so that kids of all abilities can be connected through play.

IMG_3281What’s the one party food that must make an appearance at all your kiddy parties?
We have a friend, well into his 30s, whose main stipulation for attendance is that fairy bread be present.
Because I couldn’t be bothered buttering a bajillion pieces of bread on the day, I made these 100s and 1000s biscuits in advance.
Same same but different?

And of course there were cupcakes.

IMG_3333And the Main Event.

IMG_3337We are now on a sugar ban until Christmas.

Hots dogs were also served. But no one wants to see a picture of a hot dog.

In last year’s First Birthday post, I wrote a list of things I had learned in my first year of Motherhood.
I’d do that again this year, except that I. Am. So. Tired.
We call her the Toddler Tornado for a reason.
She is non-stop. But a million kinds of awesome.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Ladybird.
You’re the best xx