Make your own Halloween board game by downloading the free printable for this haunted house craft.

When I asked the little legends in my READ + CREATE class what they would like to make for Halloween, the response from one poppet was “bats and ghosts and bones.”
And so I spent the rest of the week reciting “bats and ghosts and bones. Bats and ghosts and bones.”
And this Halloween board game was born.

It’s inspired by Snakes and Ladders.
Bats mean that you can fly up squares, bones mean you slide down squares.
I intended the ghosts to be game pieces to move around the board. My 6-year-old declared that they should instead be Miss A Turn pieces. Kids. Always having better ideas than moi.

What you will need:

The Haunted House Craft template
Black card
Crayons (optional)
Black water colour (optional)

How to turn your Haunted House craft into a board game:

I photocopied the Haunted House template at A3.
I cut it out and glued it to black cardboard.

The children were given the option to number their squares.
This was a great way to inject some number identification into the creating.
Board games are an excellent way for young learners to practice 1-1 correspondence when counting.

The children were given 3 bats, 3 bones and 3 ghosts to begin.
I encouraged them to use the oil pastels to make marks on these pieces. I specifically asked that they leave some white space on these pieces.
We then placed all of these pieces into a shallow tub, dipped paintbrushes in black watercolour and tapped our paintbrushes against the side of the tub. This created a cool splatter effect and we discussed how water resists oil.
You obviously do not have to follow these steps. You could simply provide the children with colouring materials and let them go their own way. (What song are you now singing?!)

Once the pieces had dried, children were encouraged to lay their pieces on their haunted house and to think about how the game would flow. We discussed how all players need to know the rules in order for the game to be played.

We used white paint pens to add details into the night sky. We explored different lines and shapes.
My daughter simply added gold star stickers (stickers = excellent fine motor workout!)

Find a dice and let the good times roll!
If you create your own board game with this haunted house craft, I’d love to see it! Tag me on social media @ohcreativeday
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