Dinosaur Birthday Party

We do love a themed birthday party round these parts.
Especially if it is based on a picture book. (Exhibit A: Where is the Green Sheep? party. Exhibit B: Hairy Maclary party.)
Unfortunately our young fella hasn’t shown a penchant for any book in particular so we went for the rather broad theme of Dinosaurs.
Here’s how to throw a Dinosaur Birthday Party in 16 Easy Steps.

(All products were gifted by Spotlight. Thank you!)
Step 1: Read this article from Babs the Party-Mad Blogger and study carefully.
Step 2: Babs recommends limiting your time on Pinterest. Do that! Visit my Dinosaur Pinterest board to see where I drew inspiration from.
Step 3: Head to your local Spotlight store, sans children and wander around aimlessly. Refer back to article in Step 1 and sort out a colour scheme. I found some fabric to use as a table skirt and then went from there.Dinosaur birthday party

Step 4: Head to the Balloon Desk and order as many helium balloons as you estimate will fit into your car. Upon returning home, inform Husband that it will be his job to pick up balloons on the morning of party.
Step 5: Visit Party Aisle and stock up on necessary items. Plates, cups, cutlery, straws, cupcake toppers (I used these to decorate the cake) and cupcake wraps.
I got these cool mini tear-shaped bowls and froze yoghurt in them. Then placed a toy dino in them and served them up as “Ice Age.” (Poor form?)
I stocked up on cake pop sticks and then later wondered who I was kidding. As if I was going to make cake pops. They came in handy for the cardboard letters atop the cake.
Stock up on plastic dinosaurs.
Step 6: Take plastic dinosaurs home and spray paint some to fit in with your colour scheme. Then use some craft glue and glue some pom poms on their heads. Because nothing screams party like POM POMS, right?

Dinosaur birthday party

Step 7: Find those party hats and sheets of cardboard you bought. Create some dinosaur party hats. Then wonder why you did this a week out from the party and wonder how you’re going to store them out of reach of the toddler.
Step 8: Make some dinosaurs out of paper pom poms.
Dinosaur birthday party

Step 9: I love Babs’ tips about all the things you can do way before the actual party. Like bake the cake and freeze it. I did this and then on the morning of the party, spread on some ready to use Baby Blue Buttercream icing. Let’s not think about sugar content etc etc. I baked cupcakes the day before. I firmly believe that all parties need fairy bread, but couldn’t be bothered doing so on the day of the party. So the day before, I baked some 100s and 1000s biscuits using a dinosaur cookie cutter.
Step 10: Accept all offers of help. My mum came over early and asked what she could do. I asked her to cut fruit. And then piece it all together to make it look like a Stegosaurus. She filled the brief admirably.
Dinosaur Birthday Party

Step 11: Stay cool when it becomes blindingly apparent that the rain is not going to clear and this will indeed be an inside party. Instruct Husband to create balloon backdrop. (Mad respect to him. He did an outstanding job.)
Step 12: Dress the Birthday Boy in his Birthday Best and have fun. Don’t worry about the kids excavating dinosaurs out of play dough and traipsing it through your house.
Step 13: Farewell guests. Good luck with getting the kids down from their sugar high.
Step 14: Feed and bathe children. Put them to bed.
Step 15: Collapse on couch. Say yes when Husband offers to order pizza for dinner. Vow to go with a more relaxed approach to next birthday party. Know that you will break this vow.
Step 16: Realise that you didn’t study the article in Step 1 closely enough as you forgot to designate a Party Photographer. You now have approximately 658 blurry, poorly-lit photos of the Birthday Boy attempting to face plant his birthday cake.

Are you also a Theme Fiend for birthday parties?