I don’t want to sound like a reality TV show contestant, but let’s talk about
“the journey.”
Do you ever have those moments where you stop, take a look at the life you’ve created and think,
“Well, how exactly did I get here?!”

I’m currently on Maternity Leave from my position as a Kindergarten Teacher.
As seems to happen once you’ve brought a child into the world, I suffered a slight existential crisis- Who am I? What do I want for my family? What are my passions? Have I eaten breakfast?
Whilst being on leave from my “real” job, it slowly began to dawn on me just how much I aspire to be a children’s book author.

You know how they say that you should think about all the things you loved doing as a child, and that should probably form the basis for your adult life?
(And if you haven’t heard this, ‘they’ say it is true. I’m not entirely sure who ‘they’ are though.)

I have recollections of being a prolific writer from the moment I started school, producing my own books on that old-school computer paper that had the tearaway dots down both sides of the page.
It reached a point where my Year 1 teacher began rationing my paper supply, because I was burning up the class’ scrap paper pile.

Despite The Drastic Paper Rationing Episode of 1988, I continued to write and write as I grew up. However, as Life plodded along, my childhood dream of being an author was shelved alongside my tattered copies of The Paperbag Princess and Pippi Longstockings.

So my journey ended up looking a little something like this…. (and it’s totally written in 3rd person because it makes the journey sound GRANDER!)

blog1uni/ travel/ advertising/travel/tour-guiding/ travel

Blog2travel agent/ travel/ uni (AGAIN) / TEACHER!/ mum/ aspiring picture book author

I’m really beginning to appreciate how we are the sum of our experiences.
I am the teacher I am, because of all that I’ve done and experienced.
I also find it interesting and amusing that choosing teaching allowed me to (sub-consciously) indulge my love of picture books.
Full circle.

Over to you!
Tell me about your journey…Did you end up where you expected to be?
Did you take the express, direct route? Or did you end up taking many detours and going through numerous roundabouts like me?