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Study after study shows that it is extremely important to raise engaged readers; children who read for pleasure. We need to raise lifetime readers not school-time readers.

As a teacher, I come across many little ones in my classrooms who are skilled at swiping screens but do not have the hand strength to hold a pencil, form letters and write. These little ones have not been given the time and space to practise cutting and pasting and painting.

As teachers grapple with crowded curriculums and preparing for standardised tests, it’s hard to find the time for simple read alouds. Or arts and crafts sessions that don’t neatly address syllabus outcomes. A lot is now expected of our little learners in the modern classroom and it is at the expense of basic skills that kids need but no longer get the time to develop. 

So often I hear from parents that they don’t know if they’re “doing it right” or that they “are not creative.”

My aim is to create empowered parents, equipping them with ideas, tips and the confidence to get creative, which in turn leads to creative kids.


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