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5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Read More

You know that I am a passionate Literacy Advocate Warrior Woman, right? I'm passionate about finding ways to encourage kids to read more. And more. And more. I passionately believe that reading has the power to change and enrich lives. At the moment, we're all trying...

Ideas for Learning from Home During Coronavirus

Found yourself suddenly thrust into the role of homeschooler thanks to Coronavirus? Looking for some simple and fun learning ideas for learning from home? Let me see what I can do for you. So here's the thing. As a teacher, I don't expect you to replicate the...

6 Fun Ways to Encourage Children Learning to Write

  Watching children learning to write is such a magical process. The current catch cry at our place is "But how do I spell that?" Here's what I have been doing at my place to help unlock the world of writing for my kids. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for...

Feelings Paper Plate Craft

What does your face do when you experience different feelings? This simple feelings craft encourages children to think about and discuss how their face can show emotion. Mr almost-3 has been having some BIG feelings lately. Which often result in epic meltdowns. Which...

Creative and Playful Alphabet Activities

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support! I adore that stage in a child's life when the World of Letters starts to open up and the magic of the alphabet is discovered. But how many times can you sing the ABC song before you want to stab yourself in...

15 Playful Ways to Learn Sight Words

Sight word practice- love it or loathe it, it's a pretty important part of learning to read. How do you help your littles learn their sight words? Why are sight words important? As the name suggests, sight words or high frequency words are so called because they occur...

4 Fun Ways to Build Scissor Skills + August KidArtLit Review

This post contains affiliate links Thanks ever so much for your support! My preschooler is going through an intense love affair with scissors. Let us not speak of the time I found her under the dining table with a self-administered haircut. Do you also have a scissor...

9 Creative Ways to Learn Shapes

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support. Looking to explore shapes with your littles? Here are 9 hands-on, fun and creative ways to learn shapes. Most importantly, these activities are all rich in opportunities for language development and...

9 Sensory Play Ideas

Nothing engages the littles quite like some squelching, squishing, scooping and mixing. Here are 9 fun and simple sensory play ideas that have been popular at our place. 1. Gelatine Gelatine. Yep, gelatine. My poor husband often opens the fridge to find random...

21 Ways to Prepare Your Child for School

Can you remember your first day at Big School? (I can't so I hope that means it was non-eventful. I hope it doesn't mean it was so traumatic that I've struck it from memory.) Is there anybody at your place starting Big School this year? I've done this...

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