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Christmas Tree Craft Reusing Kiddy Artwork

'Tis the season for an ARTvalanche of kiddy creative work to be coming home from school and daycare.* This Christmas tree craft reuses all the kiddy artwork to create a colourful, one-of-a-kind tree. Did somebody say Kindy Chic? *Well that's the case here in Australia...

DIY Advent Calendar for Kids From Recyclables

2 dozen eggs = 24 = a Christmas countdown calendar. This is basically the extent of my mathematical genius. I kid you not though when I say that one day I looked at an egg carton and thought, "EUREKA! Perfect for a DIY Advent calendar for kids!" You will need: 2 egg...

Paper Poppy Craft for Kids

This paper poppy craft for kids involves a simple process of paint and paper for gorgeous results. What You Will Need For This Poppy Craft for Kids: We experimented with different kinds of paints and paper. We used acrylic paint, liquid watercolours and and our trusty...

The Very Busy Spider Craft

Ask me to name my favourite Eric Carle book and I'll umm and ahh indefinitely. Kinda like asking me to name my favourite child. (Not that I have one.) We are massive Eric Carle fans around here, and this The Very Busy Spider craft makes use of materials from a...

Space Craft For Kids: Painted Planet Art

This space craft for kids was inspired by a number of things. When Amanda from barley&birch asked if I wanted to join in on her 90s-inspired week of crafting, my response was "Dude? YES!" (You may remember ALLA the fun we had with 80s week, last year.) So I...

6 Photo Paper Art Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support. My friend Cara from Raising Kinley is the Queen of Photo Paper Art. I want to spend this whole introduction raving like a lunatic about how awesome and enthusiastic Cara is. But I also don't want to hold you...

9 Action Art Ideas for Kids

Moving and making. Making and moving. It's like the ultimate kid combo of creativity. We love getting creative here as a chance to connect and calm the farm. But, sometimes, our making and creating is big. Loud. And action-packed. Here are 9 of our favourite action...

30+ Simple Sewing Projects for Kids

Do you have a little one super keen to tackle sewing? Are you looking for some project inspiration? Donut worry! Throughout July, a worldwide posse of bloggers have been creating simple sewing projects for kids for Sew a Softie. What is Sew a Softie? It is the...

Get Crafty With Nuno Deco Iron-On Washi Tape

This post is sponsored by Hands On Workshop. Japan holds a very special place in my heart. Mainly because it's the home of washi tape. Oh and it's also where my husband proposed. But WASHI TAPE! I love the stuff. When the team at Hands On Workshop asked if I'd like to...

Melted Crayon Art

The iron is, by far, the most neglected appliance in our household. My mum was recently over and asked where the iron was kept. <insert my blank stare here> It was eventually located (second top shelf in the pantry) and such knowledge came in handy for this...

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