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Festive Sewing Cards for Kids

In any discussion about sewing, I always reference my  deep-seated sewing issues caused by cranky high school Sewing teachers. I may have also mentioned that my mum finished several of my high school sewing assignments for me. (Thanks, Mum!) Then I met Trixi. She has...

Christmas Angel Craft

It's a long-running joke with my teacher friends that, as soon as the calendar flips to December 1st, it's a Christmas Craftvaganza! And so here it is- my first festive make for the holiday season. 1 week out from December 1st! #yougottaknowtherulestobreakthem Here is...

Paper Plate Craft

I've never met a paper plate I didn't like. Paper plates are basically the Hero of the craft cupboard, ready to be transformed into so many different creations. Here are three paper plate craft ideas that will see you creating fairies, a doughnut garland and an emoji...

Mix and Match Monster Art for Kids

Mr 2 is currently having a love affair with "monners." Translation: monsters. He also, like most toddlers, has a love affair with glue sticks. So, I set up this monster art invitation to create. This is a simple collage activity to make your own mix and match...

Enjoy Mess-Free Art with Kids

When my kids paint, they like to view paintbrushes as optional. Body parts are a much more fun option. Luckily, I have a high tolerance for mess. Art with kids can involve a variety of mediums and materials. I often hear parents lamenting about how much they want to...

Make Your Own Paper Flowers

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support! Spring has sprung and I just want to fill my house with all. the. flowers. And then I remember that a) I live in the inner-city b) we have a small backyard that doesn't produce many floral delights and c)...

9 Creative Ways to Learn Shapes

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support. Looking to explore shapes with your littles? Here are 9 hands-on, fun and creative ways to learn shapes. Most importantly, these activities are all rich in opportunities for language development and...

Make Your Own Simple Gruffalo Costume

You guys, I wasn't going to do up a post on how to make this Gruffalo costume. Mainly because it's ridiculously simple and I didn't want to insult your intelligence. Then I thought perhaps it could spare some people staying up late the night before a Book Parade. (Not...

Spring Felt Flower Wreath

  This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support! I'm subconsciously willing on the arrival of Spring via craft. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that this Spring Felt Flower Wreath came about as a result of my daughter's random birthday...

Paper Plate Dancer Puppets

I often wonder just how much more productive I'd be if I procrastinated less. Case in point: In attempting to write the introduction for this post, I googled the lyrics to Elton John's Tiny Dancer. These paper plate dancer puppets have me humming that tune every time...

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