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DIY Kid’s Art Garland

How do you shake a creative slump? It's no secret that I have a love affair with Instagram and Pinterest. Love is grand, but this infatuation can occasionally be problematic creatively. Every now and then, I get psyched out by all the amazing ideas put together by all...

Turn Kid’s Art Into Jewellery

Have you heard the latest from the catwalks of Paris? Kindy chic is so hot right now. Okay, so that claim is completely unsubstantiated. But who can resist some kid-made handiwork? Here are 2 ways to turn kid's art into jewellery. 1. Paper Bead and Clay Brooch...

9 Sensory Play Ideas

Nothing engages the littles quite like some squelching, squishing, scooping and mixing. Here are 9 fun and simple sensory play ideas that have been popular at our place. 1. Gelatine Gelatine. Yep, gelatine. My poor husband often opens the fridge to find random...

Review: KidArtLit Subscription Box

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support. I'm a teacher with a penchant for picture books and art projects. I want to raise kind and creative kids. Despite being committed to alla these things, I still often feel like all the ideas have left the...

5 (more) Ways to Repurpose Kids’ Art

Painting is a favourite activity here for my littles. As a result, there is one word to describe the rate at which the painted masterpieces pile up. Epic. Every few weeks, the pile starts taking over our art studio (read: laundry) and something MUST BE DONE. One of my...

Monster Mother’s Day Card

We got creative with science to make this Mother's Day card. Say what?! The lovely ladies from Little Button Diaries and I run the weekly #getcreativewith challenge over on Instagram. This week, our guest judge Jacinta has set the prompt of "science." I'll admit...

8 Ways to Get Creative With Containers

My creative sister from another mister, Susie from Handy with Scissors, is forever inspiring me to "give junk a chance." She creates amazing projects out of things destined for the recycling bin. This week, Susie challenged us to get creative with containers as...

Egg Decorating With Floating Chalk

  Did you have any egg decorating traditions growing up? We didn't. Every Easter, I'm determined to nail the whole egg decorating business and never quite succeed. Well, by golly, by gosh, this year I think I've nailed it. #modest We had a go at egg decorating...

DIY Easter Bunny Ears

Nothing like an Easter Hat Parade to have you scrambling for the glue gun and pom poms. Here's a cute and simple DIY for some Easter Bunny Ears using pipe cleaners, a headband and paper. (And pom poms should you so desire. Because pom poms.) Twist and form your pipe...

8 Ways to Get Creative With Paint Chips

Paint chip crafts have been celebrated in the #getcreativewith challenge on Instagram this week. The crafty ladies from Little Button Diaries and I were stoked to have Rossa from @curiouslittlepeople on board as Guest Judge for the week. How glorious is that Rainbow...

Hi! I’m Shannon

I’m a mama and a teacher celebrating our perfectly imperfect attempts at living a creative life.
AKA trying to remain sane whilst raising 3 kids under 5 and holding unrealistic life expectations thanks to Pinterest.

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