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14 Fun and Playful Fine Motor Activities

Having spent a lot of time in Kindergarten classrooms, I've seen some interesting pencil grips. And kids unable to use scissors. Kids unable to unscrew lids. And it all just makes me very, very sad. Wow, Shannon. What a depressing way to open a post. Why are these...

Design Your Own Play Dough

We are always searching for new and fun play dough ideas around here. The most popular idea of late involves using our freshly-cooked play dough as a canvas. Find our favourite play dough recipe here Once you have a fresh batch of play dough, pour some liquid water...

12 Simple and Creative Small World Play Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support. Oh small world play. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love small world play set-ups because: they encourage imaginative, open-ended play small world play is child-led they are an excellent way...

6 Ways to Encourage Imaginative Play + a Giveaway!

This is a sponsored post with Cheeky Little Media. You can read my disclaimer here. Thanks for your support. My husband works in animation. Many years ago, he worked at a seriously cool creative studio where they were developing a concept for a kids TV show. That show...

Sensory Spring Play for Kids

I'd like to pretend that art and craft activities are meticulously organised and scheduled in a Martha-Stewart-fashion here. (I've seen mums who timetable these things out. Such organisation!) The reality usually involves me stumbling across a household item and...

11 Teacher-Approved Play Ideas for the School Holidays

The reports have been sent home. Parent-Teacher Interviews have been held. School holidays are upon us. If you've ever wondered how to reinforce your child's learning over the holiday break, I've written a post just for you. When the last bell rings and I send my...

Felt Landscape Small World

Our final craft for #26daysofaussiepicturebooks, has been inspired by Frané Lessac's beautiful "A is for Australia." We do love Small World Play in these parts. (Imaginative play! Vocab development! Fun!) Like that one time we created a Dinosaur Small World. Or the...

Creating a Railway Small World

During Week 1 of #26daysofaussiepicturebooks, we created some Australian animal finger puppets inspired by some amazing picture books. This week, our picture book craft has been inspired by the heart-warming tale of "Bob the Railway Dog" by Corinne Fenton and Andrew...

3-Ingredient Bath Paint For Kids

Once upon a time, bath time around here was a gloriously happy and fun part of the night-time routine. Lately, bath time has become a challenge. In an attempt to return to the glory days of frivolous and tantrum-free bath times, we made up some bath paint perfect for...

Simple Avocado Boat Craft for Kids

This simple boat craft for kids is a perfect complement to water play, imaginative play and also explores the concept of sinking and floating. (And is also perfect if your household is filled with voracious avocado eaters like ours!) Firstly, eat your avocado. (Too...

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