Ah, school holidays.
When life isn’t at the behest of the school bell.
When school uniforms don’t need to be ironed, library bags found or lunchboxes packed.
“You need your sports uniform? I thought you had sport on Thursdays?”
How do you do school holidays at yours?
Do you have all activities planned with military precision?
Or do you fully embrace the letting go of routine?
Here are 12 fabulous crafts and activities to fill some of those long days.
Kids Craft School Holidays
I am infatuated with those Mix and Match Rock People from Nichole at You Clever Monkey.She has recently written a fabulous post showcasing more than 25 DIY Rock Craft Projects.

Gina from Willowday has created the dreamiest Flower Crowns. It’s Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere so we may not have access to as many floral pretties. If you’re a Northern Hemisphere friend and do this craft, please take lots of photos so I can live vicariously through you. How many more days till Winter is over?!

Hello, Wonderful’s Balloon Splatter Painting with Tools just screams fun!

July 16th marks Sew-a-Softie Day. Created by Trixi, from Coloured Buttons, the day aims to encourage adults and children to pick up a needle and thread. Trixi has fantastic sewing tutorials on her site, including her super clever Tic Tac Toe to Go project.

I predict that much Lego will be played with in households everywhere these school holidays.
The clever girls at Sew Kidding show you how to create your own Lego Storage Jar.
(Is there anything worse than stepping on a rogue piece of Lego?)

After seeing  Make It Your Own’s post on Squeegee Painting, I’m now convinced that I need to stock up on squeegees.

Joanna at The Blue Barn created the loveliest giant flowers with her kids.

School Holiday CraftsLauren from Teacher Types has rounded up some awesome Sensory Play ideas for older kids.

Crafts School HolidaysMy InstaLadies, Susie from @handywithscissors and Amy from @playfullearningco, have feeds filled with engaging ideas. You need to go follow them. Now. #bossy.

6 Ways to reuse Dried Out markersMy post on 6 Ways to Reuse Dried Out Markers will help you if you suffer from Dried Out Marker Syndrome like the Oh Creative Day household do. (It’s totally a thing.)

Invitation to CreateIf you’re after some more ideas (and a free printable!), check out my Mumtastic post for 9 Invitations to Create and Build.

Happy holidays!