A colourful craft of a Chinese lion.The idea of making a lion dance craft for Chinese New Year has been sitting in the dark recesses of my brain for ages.
I just couldn’t quite figure out what form it was going to take.
And so the concept just hung around as I waited for an idea to land upon me.
Yep. My creative process is very formal. Not.

I attempted to do some firework printing using paper tubes with my kids.
It was a bit of a failure. Thanks, Pinterest.
However, looking at the discarded paper tube paintbrushes, it struck me.
Perfect for a dancing lion’s mouth.
And so the project took form.

What you will need:

Printable template for lion’s head
2 paper tubes
Tissue paper
2 pipe cleaners
Beads, buttons and pom poms
Jewellery wire
Craft glue
Hole punch
Hot glue gun (for adult use)

A template of a dancing lion's head, coloured in. A toilet tube.Print out your template and colour it in.
Make small cuts into a paper tube at regular intervals. Press down gently to fan these sections out. Dip into paint and set aside to dry.

Craft activity involving a toilet tube and dancing lion printable.Once dried, you can cut this toilet roll to about one-third of its size.
Cut out the inner circle of your template. Slide the lion’s head over the paper tube- the “teeth” will prevent the head from sliding off.
At the opposite end of the tube, make 4 evenly-spaced cuts into the tube. This will slide over the tube that forms the lion’s body.
A paper tube that has tissue paper decorating it.Layer squares of tissue paper together. Cut the centre out and place over the paper tube.
This tissue paper will sit behind the lion’s head, forming the mane. Trim the paper as desired.
A Chinese Lion craft. Toilet tube and pipe cleaners shown.Paint your second paper tube. Once dried, use a hole punch to cut 2 holes for front legs and 2 holes for back legs.
Thread a pipe cleaner between each hole.
Paper tubes used to make a Chinese lion craft.Poke the jewellery wire through the middle of the tube. Secure with a bead on the underbelly. This wire will help your lion to jiggle and dance.
Thread beads and buttons onto the pipe cleaner legs. LOTS of fine motor fun at this stage.
I used a hot glue gun to affix pom poms. (An adult obviously should complete that step.)
Jewellery wire threaded with beads

Thread beads onto the jewellery wire.
Side view of dancing lion craft involving tissue paper and paper tubesCut some extra tissue paper to layer over the lion’s body.

Now let the lion dance!

Pin for later:

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